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Sheer enjoyment for your famous towel-clad death squad

Too obvious
So, what was up with that Donnie stuff the other day? If you missed all the fun, on a Gator Country post some girl (assume) went nutty over some guy named Donnie.
If you haven't you should read all the comments.


Flat out hilarious
When did Larry King become a movie reviewer? Maybe he's always been one and I just didn't know it.
Every time I pick up the paper I see those ads for the horrid looking Pink Panther movie and his quote is the featured quote.

"Flat out hilarious. Steve Martin is incredible."
Larry King

"A wonderfully funny comic gem"
Paul Fischer - Dark Horizons

"Sheer enjoyment for the whole family"
Janet Stokes - Film advisory board

A wonderfully funny comic gem
I spent way too much time on the HollywoodBitchSlap website reading their stuff about Paul Fischer. He's a movie reviewer from Australia who apparently loves everything he sees - I believe they call him a "quote whore".
The interesting thing about his quote for the Pink Panther movie is that I can't find it anywhere on the Dark Horizons website. I suppose just because the publication is listed it doesn't exactly mean those quotes came from it.

Mr. Fischer also loves the term "comic gem" (almost as I love the word "awesome").

OK, is Janet Stokes a real person?
Her bio on the Film advisory board website states that "She graduated from a famous Art School".
Why so vague?
Are we talking famous famous Art School? Or just regular famous Art School?
BTW, I graduated from very-unfamous Art School

More reading at your public library
  • Ebert discusses quote whores

  • Local Couple Duped Again by a Larry King Movie Review

  • If a film is advertised with a quote by Dark Horizons' Paul Fischer, the movie will be awful. Avoid.

  • Death Squads
    Iraq has launched an investigation into claims by the US military that an Iraqi interior ministry "death squad" has been targeting Sunni Arab Iraqis.

    Death Squads are not a laughing matter that is not to say that I don't find the term "Death Squad" uber-cool sounding.
    Death Squad! In Color!

    I also wish I had my own Death Squad.

    Bad News!
    Remember my story about my neighbor who would talk on the phone in our building's breeze-way while only wearing a towel?

    I have sad news.
    This past weekend we came home to discover this on his door...

    Of all the neighbors, he and his four dozen roommates were pretty quiet and well-mannered. I think I heard that he was paying something like $80 for the apartment - I suspect the management company is pretty happy to see him go so they can gut the place and half-ass outfit it with cheap new crooked cabinets and fixtures and charge $1900 for it.

    i love the photo of your neighbor. there's something about the phone, the garbage can lids and the cell-like walls. oh, and the towel. put some clothes on!
    »lisa ||  2/27/2006 ||  9:16:25 AM
    if that apartment becomes available, let us know. I will be happy to talk on the phone in my towel, just to maintain the status quo.
    »3pk ||  2/27/2006 ||  11:03:09 AM
    it is a truly great photo.
    »pony ||  2/27/2006 ||  11:22:31 AM
    aww, that's a shame that they kicked out the cool dude. we have lots of eccentric but cool people in our apt place. Both a person of extremely short stature and a person of extremely tall stature (we're talking 3.5 feet and about 7 feet, respectively) live in the building.
    »victoria ||  2/27/2006 ||  11:25:40 AM
    Flat out hilarious. Towel Phone Guy is incredible.
    Also, I am fucking insane.
    »larry king ||  2/27/2006 ||  1:00:56 PM

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