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Wine Club #20 - Champagne

Where'd 19 go?
A few weeks back, we tried to do a budget minded Bordeaux wine club. It didn't work out very well.

Ah, Champagne
This past Sunday was the second annual Champagne Wine Club hosted at Josh y Robin's haute house of awesomeness.
We had a nice turn-out that yielded about 8 different champagnes for tasting (plus a magnum of Moet) and two small children for fussing over.

Small child note: Sydney pointed out that cheerios and champagne go very well together (she didn't have champagne, but she did have Cheerios).

Once again I snuck in a ringer - yet this year, even though it won, it didn't win by much and received a couple of disparaging reviews. There were two bottles from Clicquot - one their vintage (99) reserves and the other the non-vintage. I wish I could have paid more attention to comparing these two a bit better because I really wanted to see the difference between them. Alas. I'll have to do it myself another time.

Our top three
Here's what we liked...
(We did seem to really like the Blanc de Blancs)

First Place
Dom Perignon 1999
"This is da bomb"
"Nirvana - but I also recognize the top of the bottle"
"Bottomly bursty"
"The perfect pairing? Josh's homemade hummis and DP. Strange but true."
"Very good with Cheerios"

Second Place
Blanc de Blancs (NV)

"Fizzy tongue! Fruity fizzy tongue!"
"Tiny bubbles - perfect balance between sweet and dry"
"Perky fresh"
"Sullen, but deep at heart an optimist"

Third Place
Pierre Moncuit
Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Brut

"complex + kicky"
"I can taste the dirt on the vine and it's clean"
"wonderful conversation"
"hints of apple?"
"Very good with Cheerios"

where da fuggin' Krug at, bitch?
»n8 ||  2/22/2006 ||  9:14:40 AM
gonna get some Moet. give it to my pet.
»d33z nutz ||  2/22/2006 ||  9:51:45 AM
no Cristal? Sucka MCs.
»3pk ||  2/22/2006 ||  10:32:05 AM
cristal-lino is very good tho.
»mina ||  2/22/2006 ||  11:16:47 AM
Dear Rich,

I'm really sorry that me and Alec and Peter and Heather didn't come to your wine club. We were in a coma from all the birthday steak.

We'll totally come next time though.

Thanks for inviting us.

Your friend,
»sarah almond ||  2/22/2006 ||  11:41:14 AM
The bottle of Krug.. er, I forgot to bring that one
»:r ||  2/22/2006 ||  1:20:16 PM

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