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What would Jesus wear to church?

First off, I am not a fan of church. As a child, it never clicked with me.
I am not saying that I am an athesist or satanist or scientologist, but the whole church thing as a whole... the whole Sunday and the building part...
never been a big fan.

As a child, I think I disliked church primarily for the lack of decent snacks. Yes, that's a superficial thing, but I was a small child who somehow already had defined a hierarchy of snack quality.
"Would Jesus eat these cookies? And this juice? C'mon."

I also never had any friends in any of the churches we went to since all my school/neighborhood friends were either Catholic or Presbyterian.
Our family was Methodist and apparently our town's Methodist church attracted families with children who annoyed me to no end. Literally, I don't think I ever remember getting along with a single other child at any church I went to.

OK. For those keeping score, I didn't like church because of:
1) Snack quality
2) Social interaction

Casual Sunday
We went to church with the in-laws Sunday because one of our little critter-kin was getting confirmed?
What's the term?

But it was all crazy casual church style. What happened there?
Is it a small town thing?
Way too many golf shirts in the sanctuary.
The little kid who lights the candles ("candle boy"?) was wearing shorts.
There were these teen girls wearing tight shirts and denim mini-skirts (although the 14 year old me would be saying, "Shut up! Don't ruin it! I love church!").

It's odd. Because there shouldn't be a dress code to worship your all-mighty. Right? People should be accepting and all that.
So, you don't have a tie on - it shouldn't matter. We should love you just the same.
I mean, Jesus didn't wear a tie.

Look at me. Being all old school.

Big lunch + sangria = fun

the methodist church in little rock arkansas where my friends went had little shot glasses for the grape juice. i liked my episcopo church better b/c they gave us real wine out of a silver challis. but i didn't like the wipe the challis part. i thought it was very un-hygenic and that we were all getting each other's cooties in the name of the lord.
»mina ||  5/8/2006 ||  3:53:29 PM
I had a dellicious Sangria weekend this week. Some were fruity, some bubbly. All delicious!
»dorf ||  5/8/2006 ||  6:43:24 PM
jesus loved sangria...may have invented it.
»n8 ||  5/8/2006 ||  7:07:19 PM
we had little shot glasses of grape juice for communion when I was a kid. I always hung around after the service so I could score a loaf of the unused homemade bread. It was so good.

this sunday we did the dunk your bread in the challis and all the servers Purelled their hands before handling the bread & glass. Would Jesus Purell?

»mrs. robot ||  5/9/2006 ||  10:22:19 AM
I love reading about your little robot family. It is awesome!!! And sangria, good for every occasion...a little fruit, some wine...what could be bad, and at lunch, an added bonus.
»cyber person ||  5/9/2006 ||  11:03:47 PM

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