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I am repressing what I really desire most

My week
The other morning (the one without the pouring rain, but the one with the warm weather) I saw a old woman walking down the street. Ahead of her were two men talking, one of them had a very old corgi dog on a leash.
He was going nowhere.

The old woman stopped, turned around to head the other direction, but then in what I assume was a "You can do this Margaret!" moment, she continued on her original path.
"Sir. Excuse me. Can you please hold you dog?"
The two men snarkily replied that they would reel the dog in.

I forget that people are scared of dogs.
And water.
I have a hard time fathoming both of those things, but then I have never been attacked by a water dog.

The whole distillation and filtering thing with vodka is funny. I was reading about that the other night, and it's ironic that the more filtering they do to it removes any taste and character from the vodka.
Making it more and more just straight up alcohol.
And then the taste all comes from additives after the main process.
The theory is that is what gives you a headache. The additives.

Let me tell you about my dream
This week my boss and I both had dreams that we were fired. These dreams happened on the same night.
What does that mean?

To dream that you are fired from your job indicates that you are wanting to end some relationship or situation in your waking life. It also suggests that you are repressing what you really desire most.

Never ending butt sex.

Then there was Monday
Monday I launched a website. It was anti-climatic because we had missed our launch date that was the previous Thursday.
It wasn't our fault (let's blame France) but it was frustrating to miss the deadline.
This site, a boring trade site in most regards, is something I literally have been working on since 2002. I was hired to work on the first incarnation (which was horrible) and then completely managed the second version (with the exception of having my hands tied for most of it because of a stupid global consulting company).
Then, the third version is all mine.

The fun thing is also the budget.
I believe the first site was $500K.
The second one... $150K.
This last one I got in for... under $50K.

So. It's launched. I'm exhausted.
Now what?
The fly is no longer in my ointment.

Did I just see her breasts?
Speaking of ointment, last last Thrusday night and Friday night I went out for co-worker sponsored drinks. Kind of a "I missed my deadline" celebration.
It was great fun.
Thursday night was at Park on 10th ave.
Friday night we hung out at the pool/penthouse/bar thing at the Gansevoort hotel. It's a fun/goofy place.
I had too much vodka though.

Dream of ponies
To see a pony in your dream signifies the playful aspects of your life. It is representative of your unexplored, underdeveloped, or undisciplined power.

allstu is my homepage.
»eve ||  4/28/2006 ||  2:12:17 AM
"you can do it Margaret!" I like that.
»anne ||  4/28/2006 ||  7:18:16 AM
what if you dream about Pony giving you a surprise final?
»3pk ||  4/28/2006 ||  7:57:24 AM
surprise final? you mean kancho?
»:r ||  4/28/2006 ||  7:58:19 AM
To see a robot in your dream indicates you are going about life in a mechanical and rigid way. You have lost the ability to express your feelings. Alternatively, a robot may symo\bolize the way you view your working life.
»marcus ||  4/28/2006 ||  8:07:28 AM
and to see never ending butt sex means?
»n8 ||  4/28/2006 ||  10:06:40 AM
Does "never ending butt sex" mean ":butt sex that just goes on and on and on" or "people having butt sex for as far as the eye can see"?
»stu ||  4/28/2006 ||  10:25:33 AM
turn around, look at what you see
in her face, the mirror of your dreams
make believe I'm everywhere, living in your eyes
written on the pages is the answer to our neverending buttsex
»neverending buttsex ||  4/28/2006 ||  10:32:14 AM
actualy dreaming of neverending buttsex means you desire new employment.
»jb ||  4/28/2006 ||  11:05:26 AM
"co-worker sponsored drinks"....We would like to think you had some well deserved drinks with friends. We had a blast, and we hope you did too!!! (and Mrs. Robot as well)
»cyber person ||  4/30/2006 ||  12:24:16 AM
yes yes! friends! :)
(although I am not sure who paid for Friday night)
»:r ||  4/30/2006 ||  2:01:51 PM
I don't know about Friday night, I was there Thursday night : ) but it was fun just the same.
»cyber person ||  4/30/2006 ||  7:43:56 PM

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