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You're a winner!

Get off the sidewalks
First, my background
OK. So, as a kid in the early 80's I was a big fan of cycling and riding my bike over mountains and reading bike magazines and wearing itchy wool bike jerseys.
I had a fine little 1982 Trek bike with a tiny freewheel and cool aero-esque Dia Compe brake levers and wicked cool black Modolo brakes and a sweet saddle made by a company who's name escapes me now.

Growing up in the mountains of NC meant that I spent all my time going uphill (followed by brief plunges down the other side) and developed a wicked cardiovascular system and heart rate that my doctor was shocked by.
So, to any future detractors... suck it.


Get off the sidewalk
This weekend was super pleasant and Mrs. Robot and I found ourselves in DUMBO sitting at the park reading the paper and getting pink (sunscreen? oops.). There may have been some sort of bike club get-together that day because it was packed with people and bikes.
Yay. Bikes.

My complaint? Get the f*ck off the sidewalk.
That's like Bike101. Sidewalks are fine for kids or tards on bikes, but when you coming down the sidewalk at 20mph and yell at pedestrians to get over...
Um. Suck it.

We constantly saw folks on bikes flying through the park and weaving between packs of strollers and dog walkers. C'mon.

Tough it up and ride on the bumpy street like the rest of us - you can pretend you are doing the Paris-Roubaix.
You're a winner!

Paris-Roubaix TV
For some odd reason, CBS used to cover the Paris-Roubaix race back in the 1980's on TV. For the none bike-nerds here, the Paris-Roubaix is this nuts one day race featuring rain (almost always) , cobble stones, and rain soaked cobble stones.
It always seemed pretty hellish - but made for exciting TV and magazine coverage.

Like Lemmings
I could save this company millions a year if we just didn't give computers to some employees.

Here in global corporate cubical world, some retard from one our international offices sent an email to the entire company - it was all of one sentence and I am not familiar with whatever dialect he speaks so I don't even know what it says.

Nonetheless, on Saturday, his fellow retards started replying-all to this guy as well as the same email group to be removed from this emails.
One guy replies with the "remove" and his fellow tards see him do it, and like lemmings they all decide that they too need to reply.
This morning I come into 150 or so idiotic "Remove me" (which are followed by "Remove me, too!" emails) that were sent to all one billion of our users worldwide.

This is what makes me laugh
First: Granted, I assume the original email was a mistake, but it's an email from a co-worker. So, there's not a lot of "removing" you can do (other than one party resigning from the company).

Second: Do these people always just hit REPLY and ask to be removed? Man. They are a spammer's dream.

Third: Some smarty-ass guy in the UK wrote a real snarky email about not being removed and people from around the world over replied to that one that they wanted to be removed.
I don't think they were being ironic either.

Alas. Cubicle World.

did you send them all a brilliant letter in response? like remove this, sucka!
»pony ||  4/17/2006 ||  3:11:24 PM
I was somehow removed.
»jb ||  4/17/2006 ||  4:34:18 PM
As we were moving into our apartment, a delivery guy sped by on the sidewalk and yelled "fuck you!" at me because I guess I was getting in his way. Welcome to NY!
»dorf ||  4/17/2006 ||  8:00:37 PM
I was talking to my cellphone. No offense. Welcome, we're glad you're here.
»delivery guy ||  4/18/2006 ||  4:27:31 PM

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