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She sure likes doing it with sailors!

Those girls
I somehow remember that there were always these token girls in school who were real popular.
Popular I suppose because they liked boys and liked to kiss boys and were pretty.

They'd appear out of nowhere hanging out with some random guy and then jump from guy to guy each one more handsome y cool.
After they reached the top of your particular pile, they'd jump to the next one sometimes a different school or age bracket.
Meteoritic rise it would be.

See, there would be these dips as they jumped to another group of boys.
Sure, they could have been dating the top of the line in Group A, but top of the line in Group A does not get you top of the line in Group B. You gots to work for it.

I wonder how they are doing.

Turning it on
Speaking of the ladies.
Today I was on the train. There was the girl standing next to me and she was a fine person I am sure.
Not a beauty queen, but not ugly. Just nice.
(BTW, I am not a beauty queen)

She could see her reflection in the window and stood there and fiddled with her hair. After it was all done and correct, she gave one last look. This was the "OK, we are ready to go look". It was also her "sexy" look I suppose.
It was like night and day.

Normal girl.
Sexy girl!
Normal girl.

That's quite a skill.
This girl at work gave Mrs. Robot a whole "sexy look" tutorial at our holiday party. I was all like, "Oh darn".

Speaking of sexy look
It's Fleet Week.
All day fleets (!) of ships (!) cruised up and down the Hudson past our office. Oh, there were fancy helicopters and planes as well.
A co-worker told me that his girlfriend, who lived in Italy, had planned to make a special trip to NYC to celebrate Fleet Week one year. I wasn't too sure what to say after that.

"She sure likes doing it with sailors!"
I suppose I could have said that.

I just saw a puggle.

Happy Birthstu
Last weekend we met up with Stu and other sexy folks for some hanging out in the park. There was tandori chicken, chocolate chip cookies, wine, margaritas, and a block of swiss cheese that didn't get opened.

The funny thing was the weather last week. It was all Al-Gore The-World-Is-Ending crazy.
Thursday it was something like 50 below zero.
Friday was a series of one hour mini-hurricanes followed by an hour of summertime.
Saturday was like crazy "it's going to rain!!" then "Ah, Sunny!" then "OMIGOD it's going to rain!" then "Ah, Sunny"
It made Stu's birthday party planning a bit stressful I imagine.

This couple just walked by, and not to be snarky but they were retarded.
I mean, for real. Mentally handicapped in some flavor.
He was walking and laughing at something with a laugh that sounded like a seal.
She was picking her nose like a pro.
Soul mates.

Ah, spring.

Maybe we were on the same train, because I had the same exact encounter with the girl looking at her reflections. The difference was that this girl looked at herself for the entire ride (20 minutes) and then did this turn, spin then strut.
I heard her talking onher cell phone outside - let's just say all she got was looks.
»pat ||  5/25/2006 ||  9:47:35 PM

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