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Three day weekend shortens my life-span by three days

Intrepid Chairman Sorry for Memorial Day's Lost Meaning
Amid parades, wreath-layings and other Memorial Day events, the Chairman of the USS Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum offered an apology to the nation's veterans and service members. Saying the once solemn holiday lost its meaning as a way to honor the "ultimate sacrifice" in time of war.
Even with the nation at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, Arnold Fisher said, "The picnics still come first. I apologize to you for carrying the burden of this nation's commitment to freedom and liberty alone." Hundreds of veterans, active duty military members and other invited guests gave Fisher a brief standing ovation.

Memorial Day
My problem was this - I didn't realize that it was Memorial Day weekend until Saturday. I'm an idiot.

24 hour party weekend
Because of this weekend, I may die earlier than expected.
i.e. nothing good came of this whole weekend.
It was all food and drink in questionably large amounts.

Friday was our first half-day Friday and I ended up meeting some people at this nice outdoor bar/restaurant place and didn't leave until about 10. The fries were good.

Saturday was Evan Picture Monkey's Bachelor party.
Go Evan.
The party was based out of the same suite in the Chelsea that we had the happyrobot party in last year (almost a year ago exactly?).

I ditched out early and joined Mrs. Robot and Mr. & Mrs. Ball for a dinner at Little Giant.
Little Giant one sentence review: Great biscuits, wine list, sticky toffee pudding - yet I found the actual food pleasant but not writing home about worthy.

We then went to that little hidden bar down there... south of Delancy. With all the wood.
Bourbon and ginger beer cocktails.
At this point I was supposed to go join the bachelor party for more debauchery, but the combined forces of fatique, wine, and bourbon decided otherwise.
(I hope the topless bars and cocaine on hooker stuff went well)

Sunday was a nice little party with some work pals that involved tasty food, fabulous wine and champagne, and a roof deck in Battery Park with views of the harbour.
It was sweet and lasted way too long.
I spent a lot of time taking photos of snacks.

Neighborhood Newz
I heart Hanco's
Down the street from us is a new Vietnamese sub/hoagie shop called Hanco's. Holy tasty.
I will totally shrill for them if they ever need anyone to.
My neighbor Richard and I were discussing this place the other day and agreed that the best thing there is the "Classic" - it's on a French baguette with:
Ground pork
Vietnamese ham
Pickled carrots
Daikon Radish

Reminds me of a cubana - except slightly better for you (I said slightly).
Speaking of, one of my favorite neighborhood meals is the half Cuban sandwhich at Cubana Café.
Oh my. That is some good eating.

Everyonoe loves the Pimms.
No one knows what it actually is (other than tasty).
Sadly they are now owned by the dorks at Diageo.

The party was good, but, well...

Let's just say it's really hard to find a place to bury a hooker in Manhattan at 4am on a Saturday night, and leave it at that.
»stu ||  5/30/2006 ||  1:13:56 PM
lots of good food and drink. jealous.
»lisa ||  5/30/2006 ||  1:38:23 PM
can you please bring me to your next feast?
»pony ||  5/30/2006 ||  2:23:34 PM
bring stretchy pants.
»:r ||  5/30/2006 ||  3:16:25 PM

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