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What I was thinking when I jumped into the lion den

What I was thinking when I jumped into the lion den
Is it really a "den"? Right there, that was a surprise. It's more of a yard.

I like cats.
I have a cat at home. She's cranky. You're petting her and she's all like "pet me!" and then next thing you know it's all claws and teeth and your hand is bleeding and you are cursing (and the wife is all like "you knew she'd do that").
She totally likes wet food, but I think the dry food makes her sick.

Lions are cats, but they are just a lot bigger and even though their claws aren't nearly as sharp they are bigger and stronger - the kind of big and strong that make you think "this is way worse than my housecat because her scratches are kind of a clean cut, where this lion's scratches are more of a ripping and puncturing of my skin and/or organs"

As a kid, I wasn't much of a cat person. We had a dog. He was handsome and sweet, but dumb as a log. Not a normal log, but a really stupid log that maybe got itself wedged between two trees and they are like, "Oh nice. Stupid log is stuck between us. This feels great!"

The funny thing about lions is this: When they bite your neck, that's pretty much it. You'd think one of those thick wool turtlenecks might help out - protecting the ol' neck and all with its warm wooly goodness, but you'd be wrong.
They can bite right through a sweater, unlike a housecat.

I love you Roary!

I'd bet kero could bite thru a turtle neck.
»pony ||  6/6/2006 ||  5:46:03 PM
carotid artery, one of those main pipes.You did something about roary a while back, what was that?
My cat bites and scratches. She's love, love, love- then bite. She can't help it. My children are afraid of her. She's very soft and sweet and purry, except for when she bites or scratches, which is pretty much any time anyone has extended contact with her. Or when she's feeling ignored and bored.
»anne ||  6/6/2006 ||  7:08:13 PM
please mark this as my most favorite robot journal ever.
»-b. ||  6/6/2006 ||  7:09:33 PM
. . . she also pukes up hairballs. I don't particularly like cats. We got her years ago. I had a mouse problem, plus she was abandoned and neglected and my sister (who now feeds tigers for a living) talked me in to it.
I like her, but I realy don't know why.
»anne ||  6/6/2006 ||  7:10:35 PM
Roary made his debut a while back. Click his photo for the link.

»:r ||  6/6/2006 ||  7:55:51 PM
i remember roary too! i love that neck biting bastard!
»lisa ||  6/7/2006 ||  9:23:24 AM
me, too. I love Roary.
»anne ||  6/7/2006 ||  4:47:54 PM
I'm feeling humpy.
»roary ||  6/7/2006 ||  5:35:29 PM

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