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Fairway is the bomb-diggity

Love the ZipCar
We rented a ZipCar last weekend. It was a perfect little city car - the Scion (Toyota) XA. ZipCar is such a cool car-sharing system since you can just rent the car by the hour. We had the little XA for three hours and ran a bunch of errands that required us toting large items to places.

We also went to the new Fairway store in RedHook.

Oh, the Fairway
For the outta town folks, Fairway is a grocery store that is based on the upper westside and is known for their moderate prices and super-fresh food. They just opened a location in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
Holy moly.

The place is the bomb-diggity.
Great looking produce (and tasting, once we got home).
Super amazing selection of fish and meats.
And pretty much carried every single item we were looking for.
The soy pudding with the pandas on the label? Check!
The Greek yogurt that we adore? Check!
Funny British candy bars? Check!
Ground lamb? Check!

I think our final grocery bag tally was 15 bags. We went a little nuts.
But I have to say, from a food-porn/good prices point of view, it doesn't get much better than the Fairway.

This is an incredible photo-set on Flickr of the opening day. Yow.

After running errands in our fun little car all day, we met some pals at Sample for drinks and snacks and then wandered up to Grocery for dinner.
It was a lovely dinner. There was a tasty seared tuna appetizer and for the main course I had their always good lamb. Mrs. Robot had the duck (which was great and way too much - we had leftovers the next day).

Oh, there was wine.
The pal in question manages one of our wine portfolios at Cubicle World and luckily they carried one of his wines. After dinner he asked if the owners/chefs were free for a minute because they apparently had a mutual friend.
The owners had met this mutual friend while in Europe and the guy had taken them to some sort of snazzy dinner.

It's hard to put into words their reaction to remembering this dinner.
The restaurant was done for the night. It was late and we sat there and listened as they recounted this exquisite meal that went on for hours. The enthusiasm and love of good food and wine was contagious.

As usually happens after a dinner at Grocery, we left feeling a bit dreamy.

dorf and I often stay up into the wee hours recounting hodos past.
»3pk ||  6/9/2006 ||  11:40:28 AM
My mom and I go to the Grocery every year for my birthday. It's the only time I go, but they always remember me. They even convinced us to order a bottle of Rose once!!!
»mizalmond ||  6/9/2006 ||  11:51:44 AM
they had to convince you to order Rose'?
Rose' is all good - all the time.
»:r ||  6/9/2006 ||  12:21:32 PM
I use to live right around the corner from the Fairway on the Upper West Side. Great fruits, but most importantly, an excellent cereal selection. Great coffee too. And their shopping bags were super strong.
»j ||  6/9/2006 ||  2:16:36 PM
i love good groceries!
»elananano ||  6/9/2006 ||  2:41:15 PM
Ned Flanders is the bomb-doodly
»maude flanders ||  6/9/2006 ||  3:28:59 PM
ah fairway... i still remember living on the upper west side and dragging bags of stuff home. i must say that although grocery is out of our hood it sounds like a great place. especially for celebrations. we'll have to try it soon.
»liz ||  6/10/2006 ||  11:52:13 PM

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