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Fish Camps, Puppies, and the World Cup

UN still standing!
No nuclear holocaust this weekend.


Our pal Linda's dog had puppies this past weekend.
Apparently she had a hard time delivering them, but all is well now.
She's the same breed as our pal Bette.

Worlds Cups
We were watching some of the Mexico vs. Iran match today on Telemundo (keeping it real), and don't let anyone tell you that Americans don't like soccer/football - all the ads were World Cup tie-ins from McDonalds, Wal-Mart, and Coke.
Americans may not get it, but Corporate America does.

Friday I went to get my haircut at Astor Place and there were like 100 TVs in the joint all tuned to the current game. The man cutting my hair was watching TV most of the time. Even though he was rooting for Poland, my haircut came out OK.

I went to Europe with my friend George back in our college days and I have many fond memories of watching the World Cup after dinner at his grandmother's house (and his tiny little grandmother cheering) or watching it with his uncle on the farm (with their large boxer dog snoring at our feet).
Or the many bars throughout Europe.
Youth. Beer. Sport. Lovely.

The thing about us Americans
I've been reading the sports page in the paper this weekend.
This World Cup thing, apart from keeping Pony awake, is totally fun - especially living here in the big stink with all these damn melting pot people. More than anything, it makes our American "world championship" games look so friggin lame in the grand global scheme.

Happyrobot is World Champion of America!

Do I write about eating food too much?
This weekend we went to Brooklyn Fish Camp. It's oddly not a camp for fish, but a restaurant.
It was fun. They were way busy, but the bar was empty and we decided to just eat there which turned out to be a fun idea.
We chatted with the little man who shucked the oysters and he gave Mrs. Robot extra oysters. Booya! When you get their oysters, instead of normal horseradish, they actually grate it fresh right there for you. Tasty awesomeness.
I ordered the Conch Ceviche which came with little plantain chippy things that you could use to scoop up the ceviche. Also, awesome.

Mrs. Robot had some sort of fish (Halibut) as her main course and apparently it was tasty and all that. I had the Lobster Roll, which was superb.
The one aspect of their roll that I liked was that the bread wasn't an afterthought. Granted, it was a hot-dog roll of some sort, but it was toasted and held together perfectly under the weight of all the lobster. Tasty.
Everything else: we had the lemon pudding thing for dessert and it was great. There were also glasses of cava, Roditis (I have never had this before - greek white wine. Nice and tart. Very light.), and glasses of an Australian chardonnay that was done more like a sauvignon blanc (no wood basically).
(On the other hand, Cloudy Bay does a sauvignon blanc in the style of a traditional chardonnay: Te Koko. If you ever come across it, try it!)

Brooklyn Fish Camp gets ten out of ten robot heads for casual fun seafood in Brooklyn.

We also ate at Bouillabaisse this weekend. It was one of the few restaurants that people in manhattan knew about and would come to Brooklyn to eat at when we first moved here. I had the bouillabaisse - mussels, lobster, shrimp, random fish, saffron broth. Mrs. Robot had some sort of monkfish which looked great. Bottle of Rose'.
But, here's my point: If you go there they have a really tasty strawberry based dessert. I don't remember the name of it as it was French and it was very dark in their garden, but ask for the "strawberry one".

My personal soccer/football experience
I played soccer on a YMCA team as a pup and did fine as a full-back or half-back or something. That was until I was smashed in the face with the ball - probably while day-dreaming. I am sure it was hilarious to watch.
After that, I was like, "I'd like to play a sport that is less face-painy".

you eat lots for a slim dude.
»pony ||  6/12/2006 ||  11:01:35 AM
you do not write about food too much, you absolutely do not write about food too much, please keep writing about food
»j ||  6/12/2006 ||  2:02:41 PM
one day i aspire to travel the richrobotresto tour.
»elananano ||  6/12/2006 ||  10:00:27 PM

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