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Rest in Peace Aaron Spelling

Robot Editor Note
The following is a guest entry by Mrs. Robot

Aaron Spelling: May you rest in peace and your shows run in syndication forever

My Top 12 (out of 212) Aaron Spelling Produced Shows
1. Beverly Hills 90210
2. Melrose Place
3. TJ Hooker
4. Dynasty
5. Hart to Hart
6. Fantasy Island
7. The Love Boat
8. The Boy in the Plastic Bubble
9. Charlie's Angels
10. Charmed
11. Mr. Mom
12. Starsky & Hutch

Three Shows I Forgot About
1. Models Inc.
2. The Heights
3. The Colbys

Eight Shows I Wish I Had Seen (Based on the Title)
1. Making of a Male Model
2. The Wild Women of Chastity Gulch
3. One of My Wives Is Missing
4. The Girl Who Came Gift-Wrapped
5. My Daddy Can Lick Your Daddy
6. Don't Look Now, But Isn't That Me
7. But I Don't Want to Get Married!
8. Satan's School for Girls

One Show That My Co-Worker Promised to Loan Me
1. 7th Heaven

View all of Aaron Spelling's credits here!

Robot Editor Note
What is he doing with his hands in that photo on Wikipedia?

that aaron spelling sure was a busy guy. don't forget his production called "tori spelling"!
»lisa ||  6/27/2006 ||  1:09:24 PM
"You can get your monkey to make that sound, too. Hold your monkey in your right hand around the throat and work your left thumb in and out of his ear like this."
»n8 ||  6/27/2006 ||  1:14:20 PM
»victoria ||  6/27/2006 ||  3:39:45 PM
in the wikipedia picture it looks to me like he's lighting an imaginary pipe.
»stacie smith ||  6/27/2006 ||  3:45:23 PM
Will TV get better or worse now that he's gone?
»3pk ||  6/27/2006 ||  7:00:11 PM
it looks like he was holding something but it got photoshopped out.

the smirk just makes it all the more creepy.
»krys ||  6/28/2006 ||  5:05:12 AM
I am virtually pouring a 40 of O'Douls on the curb for my dead homey Aaron.
»dorf ||  6/28/2006 ||  5:01:49 PM
I had totally forgotten about Hart to Hart.
also go fug yourself has a nice tribute in pictures

»eve ||  url || 6/28/2006 ||  7:56:16 PM

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