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631 words about where I been at

Where I been at
Has it been busy around here or is just me?
Let's see... what I have been doing...

Hassling squares? check.
Working for ding dongs? check.
Drinkin'? check.
Cussin'? check.
Smacking my lady up when she starts sassin' me? check.

I am also taking a class and there is so much studying and I am drowning! Drowning! I am making flash cards though. Flash cards!

Yemen Neighbor Report
Tuesday night there was crazy screaming. I mean, we are used to their screaming, but this was crazy "pause the show, open the door, walk down the stairs, look at their door" screaming. Really amazing.
Why do I mention this?
It was really loud and shrill.
Their lights weren't on.
It was silent for five hours afterwards.

Amazing those people. They got some pipes.

Weekend of the woooo! party!
Our life is sometimes so very slow and quiet and peaceful, and then we have a weekend where it's all loud and sassy and drinky and yelling "Woooooooo!" a lot.
Friday was Mrs. Robot and sexy John Ball at some New Yorker reading thing, while I went to our pal K-Mac's little fund-raising thing for her movie production thing she is doing with this other nice girl.
Then we met up at Tamara's birthday party that was hosted by Jack&Raq.

We got home late and slept late and at breakfast late and then went shopping.
I need a lot of new clothes.
Jeans. Corduroys. Brown belt. Brown shoes. Dress shirts. Black jacket. Many stores were visited and I only ended up with one shirt (from the new Ben Sherman store... so lovely).

BFF Series
Saturday was Chinese food, beer, wine, bluegrass, cake, wine, beer, lawton, beer, wine.
M'Shanghai, apart from other various cool aspects of the place, makes a kick-ass crispy duck. Holy cow. It was all I could do to not lick the plate (I think I did anyway).
We saw Death & Taxes from VA. There are lots of fun NC folks in the band. The M'Shanghai String Band played two sets after them.
That guy in the MSSB... the guy who was in Very Pleasant Neighbor... he's a dead ringer for Elliot Spitzer.

It was a late night as well.

I'm feeling.
I need vitamins. I need greens. I need sleep.
I don't need to stay up all night, extra starch, and constant wine.

I love my new flash
I bought the Nikon SB600 flash a few weeks back and it has a cool off-camera feature on it.
Granted, you can do off camera flash stuff already with slaves or transmitters or synch-cords, but the SB60 and the new digital Nikons have a fun wireless thing built in.
Quite handy and I used it all night at an event I shot the other night.

The photos came out "neat" I thought.

I adore digital.
Back in the go-go nineties of the mid-90's I used to take photos of things. I went through a period of trying to do head-shots and product shots, but was never very successful and/or happy with the results.
Recently we came across some bottles of wine at work and realized that there were no images and I volunteered to shoot them because I am a glutton for punishment (although very geeky/fun punishment).

How did we do this with film? Glass bottles have reflections and even if you go out and buy little tents and have lights set up all nice, it's still tough to guess where the reflections will fall.
(I mean, unless you are using hot lights which isn't a bad idea I suppose.)
The ability to be able to shoot 30 images at various exposures and then carry the card to my computer and see which ones are working... well, that is just about the best thing in the world.

Looking back at my past attempts at this... taking the film to lab. Waiting. Paying money (well, not all the time). Getting the prints back and then going to try again.
It hurts my soul to recall all of that.

Next week: I discover email.

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