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We totally meant to run the marathon yesterday

We totally meant to run the marathon yesterday.
All weekend Mrs. Robot was on my case, "we can't forget to run the marathon!"
Saturday comes and we are chilling in the neighborhood and goofing off. We went out to Robin & Josh's place and met their baby.
He's a cutie as they tend to be.

We then went for dinner at that wine bar in Fort Green and had a number of glasses of wine and some sort of lamb pasta and it was all good.

At home we are sitting on the couch and I remember that 3PK and Dorf were having a little party at the Hotel Rivington.
"We should totally go to this party", I told Mrs. Robot.

"But we have to run the marathon tomorrow!", she says.

"That's fine. We'll run the marathon tomorrow. How about this: It's 10:30 now. We go to their party and hang out for a few hours. It'll be a early night. I mean, I only have one bottle of chilled champagne left in the refrigerator so we can't get in to too much trouble."

We grab a cab (after waiting for what seemed like 15 minutes (stupid white people all moving to brooklyn and taking up all the cabs)).

15th Floor at Hotel Rivington
The party is hopping. There are cupcakes. There's a newly married couple (er, that would be 3pk and Dorf).
There's a dog.
We have a fine time.

Around 2am we decide to leave ("Once again, congratulations - but we really have to go since we are running the marathon tomorrow").
Twenty-some minutes later we arrive @ home and Mrs. Robot suggests that we get some waffles and eggs from the diner and take them home for a snack. Her treat.
I think to myself: "Could my wife rock any more?"

The waffles are good and we watch SNL on the DVR-machine.

Sunday rolls around. I get up and walk downstairs to get the paper. It's about 10am.
Mrs. Robot awakes and starts making coffee.
We are sitting in the kitchen eating these giant english muffins, drinking that fine Gorilla coffee, and reading the paper when we hear that the marathon already started. In fact, it was almost over.

10am? Almost over?
We totally missed the whole thing!

Next year.

you guys have good weekends.
Marathons are for foreigners.
»pony ||  11/6/2006 ||  10:50:11 AM
and you guys SO would have won.
»lisa ||  11/6/2006 ||  12:44:11 PM
I know!
Mrs. Robot totally had a new pair of sneakers, too!
»:r ||  11/6/2006 ||  1:32:18 PM
You also missed James Mercer from the Shins. Eugene went down to find Flavor Flav, but all he came up with was a freaking indie rock superstar. He stayed a total of 8 minutes and then ran (well, turned) sheepishly for the door.
»dorf ||  11/6/2006 ||  1:41:45 PM
marathons are for morning people.
»j ||  11/6/2006 ||  2:02:44 PM

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