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I adore you Select Dental

I didn't see Super-Natural Boner Patrol last night
I have a really low tolerance for TV.
No, I am not saying that I don't watch TV, but I don't have the patience or ability to stay un-snarky long enough to get into these serious TV shows.

What I do watch are commercials on local cable.

I adore you Select Dental.

Husband & Wife

"My wife and I were afraid that we couldn't manage the cost of dental work"
The wife, bless her heart, gives us this little "what could we do?" look.
I'll say this: it's kind of cute (if you watch it 400 times).

What could they do?
They are hard working americans yet they have a hard time affording dental work.
Dental work that doesn't hurt. Not even a bit.

"Until we went to select dental"

Right, honey?
I imagine this thought goes through his mind constantly: "Why do you seem to pull away from me when I look at you?"
Now, not to be un-PC or homophobic (and remember, this is coming from ros swilling *me* - not a model of hyper-manliness by anyone's measure(I mean I even added the little "" thing)) but the husband is a bit...

Who cast him as "husband"?

"We should of done it years ago"

It's the realization that you could of had healthy mouths a long time ago.
"Husband! Why did we wait so long?"

I am lost in the whiteness of your husband's teeth.
He is so happy.

See for yourself!
There is a copy of the commercial on YouTube (I know! Shocker!). It was uploaded by a fellow who is a comedian (and canadian I think).
He added a little "bit" at the end.
Apparently he didn't think the commercial was brilliant enough by itself.

Whew, glad I'm not alone in thinking the husband is justy a, fruity? He must be a struggling actor with a dental assistant friend at S.D.
»thewillhelm ||  11/10/2006 ||  10:06:20 AM
that husband has the icky sticky mouth sound when he talks. select dental might want to suction out his saliva a little better next time.
»mizalmond ||  11/10/2006 ||  10:29:04 AM
everytime I see this ad I notice some weird little thing one of the actors does. They show it constantly on NY1 and yet I never get tired of it because of this.
»3pk ||  11/10/2006 ||  11:42:45 AM
Damn you, :r! If I could have figured out how to stick videos into text, I was going to do this exact bit.
Incidentally, I think "Has it been a while since you've been to the dentist," is the least important question this couple should be asking themselves.
Maybe he's one of those "cured" homosexuals. That works, right?
»dorf ||  11/10/2006 ||  1:46:45 PM
The wife nodding while hubby speaking is classic. Uh-huh, you tell them, honey.

I think the comedian's addition is overkill and kind of not funny. Is that the best line you can come up with?
»j ||  11/10/2006 ||  2:55:45 PM
yea, this has been sitting in my drafts folder all week and suddenly I was realizing that if i wasn't careful, I'd be scooooped.

»:r ||  11/10/2006 ||  5:41:02 PM
eh, who am I kidding. I haven't posted in months.
»dorf ||  11/10/2006 ||  8:09:41 PM
fruit boy gets his dental work done in QUEENS! get it!?
»mina ||  11/12/2006 ||  7:08:47 PM

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