Oh sad lovers
My folder full of "Dumped" stories is bursting over because I have totally forgotten to check it (you know, because of my busy stunt bike schedule).

So many sad lovers.
(and by "sad" I mean "tedious")

Only 10 - but hasn't given up (yet)
Short Attention Span Summary: What are 10yr olds doing on happyrobot? Hey Mom & Dad: Pay attention.

i liked this guy called liam and i wanted to ask him out. my friend was finding ways to get him to ask me out. so this girl wrote him a note for me and gave it to him with all the frinds around him. they read it out loud and said hell no.To me boys are gerks they never understand the life of a girls. I'm only 10 but i still have feelings for some guys!

Tedious Love Part I
Short Attention Span Summary: Went out for four months. He then started dating Donna. He breaks up with Donna. He gets back with Donna. Mom gets them back together and breaks up with Donna again. He then gets back with Donna.

well me and my boyfriend or ex bf.... he had like me since i was like 10 and he was 12... i used to not like him like that but then a couple yars laer when i was 13 i did and he came over and stayed the nite with my brother and we were watching movies and me and him held hands and flirted and everything... well so we started going out.... we went out for four months!
and then he decided to get "close" with another girl.... so i broke up with him trying to teach him a lesson thinking we'd get back together shortly after....well that didnt happen... he got another gf... donna... and she and him had sex and everything else and so i was textn him one day i told him i still wanted to be wiht him and so we talked a lot more and eventually he broke up with her for me and i was so happy and then he tells me nevermind he wants to be with her... i was heart broken.... welll so i finally start to get over him and dont let them 2 bother me when boom... he comes to my house with me brother and it makes me sad cuz i missed him so my mom was telling him and stuff and he told her he had been missing me and thinking about me lately... well so he broke up w/ the girl again... and this time i hadnt said aanything to him like that.... well then he sits doiwn with me and tells me he misses me and has been thinking bout me lately and yadayadayada.... well so im happy again and then he tells me again he wants to be with her..... so once again im crushed..... wel then they break up agian the next day... and he told his mom and everything he wants to be with me but oh no... they get back together again..... and he wont talk to me... he loves her and it sux but i dono whether i should tell him off or tell him how i feel or what? i just dono anymore.....

He won't say why he dumped you
Short Attention Span Summary: Went on dates. Got dumped via email.

It all started off with my ex-boyfriend who asked me out and i have had a crush on him for the longest time! So of course i said yes! We went on dates and we had alot of fun together. I kept thinking in my head i think this is going to last for awhile! But i guess i was wrong. I went over to his house a few times and infact I went over there they other day and we were having alot of fun! Once again i thought things would last longer! But that night when I was at a friends house and I asked if I could check my e-mail and she said go ahead! I checked my e-mail and it said there was one from my boyfriend ( when i was currently dating him ) and it read something like this..... I wanna just be friends .... and dont bother asking y i dumped u cuz i aint telling you...I sat there in the chair thinking why he dumped me and tears started coming town my face! ... But I stil love him and i dont know what to do.. :( :'(

Pastor predator!!
Short Attention Span Summary: Meets pastor (who writes well) online. Makes out. Pastor gets with ex-girlfriend.

I received a well written email from an intelligent, articulate pastor who was looking for love after himself being recently wounded. He emailed me and said that he thought we would really get along.

The mostly email relationship blossomed and soon we were have conversations on the phone. Something was strange about him because his calls were always short and sweet. He assured me that there was nothing to worry about- everything was fine with him and with us.

He finally told me that he loved me unconditionally, that God was leading him to believe that we were to be married. I was vulnerable because I have been alone for so long, and he was so right for me.

We met and even though we didn't have sex, we were intimate and he swore he loved me.

A week after that, he had sex with an old girlfriend and wrote me a "dear John" letter to let me know that he was breaking it off. He said that I was "too fly" "too much of a diva" for him and that he knew he could never satisfy me in bed. The day before I got this letter, he once again swore an undying, true and committed love to me.

I felt emotionally and psychologically raped by him and consider him a predator-- as if all of this isn't bad-- he's a pastor ( been one for35 years) Now if you can't trust someone who has pastored for 35 years, who can you trust????

Tedious Love Part II (or: What woman doesn't "right")
Short Attention Span Summary: OK. Girl sleeps with guy who is married to woman he married while in jail. They have sex a lot and one time his brother interrupts them.

Wow, I have known the guy I am about to talk about for up to 20 or more years. He is linked to my family and that is because his brother has been with my 1st cousin for 20 years. So both families are very close. Me and the brother got together one saturday. We both were extreamly exited to be together and very affectionate, which I love the attention. What woman doesn't "right"

Well things heated up into the night and were so good. I practically feel in love. But the worst part to me is that he had gotten married while he was away. Last year, to some chick whom took care of him while he was locked up I guess, Well before things got to good for us that saturday, I asked him about his marriage to this chick and he stated that he had been trying to give her a chance. But things were not working but they were still married.

I became skeptical, at that point due to the fact I was feeling him deep inside me. I am the type of woman that it takes a bulldozer to get into my heart. I have been around the block, in other words. Been threw alot, I used to be very rude to men. I think this guy was my karma, as well as any time I may feel someone I may like I just have not had the best of luck and the way I used to be first comes to my mind quickly but how long do I pay for my past is my question, any how.

Things broke off, the next day. I did have sex with him that night we both wanted one another it was great and special to us both. But I had to leave the early morning and we had one last blast with one another before I left that Sunday...

(EDIT: tedious part about some party)

This guy has baggage foreals, later that night me and the guy ended up together again but not as good as the first night. This guys mom was also spending the night and in his bed so were both sleeping in the living room, his brother awakes that night and causes us to stop our fun. Well, later in that week I wrote a letter to the guy and said, You know, I know your married and have other things going on in your life, so there for, I will always be here for you and if you ever need me feel free to call me and if you ever need help let me know. When he seen me 2 wks later he thanked me for the letter. What a freaken story of heck.


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