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billy's stopless closed

Al Franken was in salon. And it was great. There was also an article on yahoo about movie stuidos advertising movies with quotes from fake movie critics. eeek! sometimes i just really hate the movies.

billy's stopless has closed down, which is kinda sad. i mean, Billy's appeared to be the dive bar of all dive bars, and you have to give them credit for conforming to nyc's wacky porn/topless-club laws and changing their name from "billy's topless" to "billy's stopless". i never went though and i feel like i may of just missed out on something (not that i am in to topless clubs).
a bagel shop is moving into billy's old space (which is good).

DSL Sucks
the happyrobot home office is still suffering from DSL woes. this is really really really frustrating, and it seems like it may be getting worse. DSL has way too many variables that can go wrong, and on top of it, uncle sam seems to be getting in the way, too. Residential DSL is becoming just a dream to a lot of us it seems. the road runner cable service is not available in our 'hood yet and i don't necessarily want to use it... but the way things are going it may be the only way.
enough about that...

Cat v. Mouse
There is nothing better than a cat when you may have a rodent problem. Here i was doing some late night work, when i heard a weird scratching sound coming from the corner of the room. robotkitty immediately went into full alert mode and ran over to check it out. i am not sure what was going on, in terms of any mice trying to bust into the apartment via the walls, but she stood guard for hours. i am trying to not sound like some crazy cat person,but it's real cool to watch her in mouse mode... she seems kind of proud as if to say "this is what i do. stand back."

mice : try another apartment.

saw some of gladiator the other night, and i have to agree with john's review... "not enough gladiating"

here is my pal jeff.

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