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the angriest cat in china town

Sunday, I saw the angriest cat in china town.
Sunday, I saw the angriest cat in china town.
He was a medium sized grey striped tabby and was hanging out between some boxes in front of HIS store. This woman was walking down the crowded street with her dog (pit bull mix, maybe) and as she passed the store, the cat figured that dog was on his turf and came flying out and popped the dog. The dog never got a chance to do anything because the woman yanked him away with his leash. The dog seemed fine, and actually looked like he wanted to play.

The cat had drawn quite a crowd and was pacing back and fourth in front of his store with his tail all puffed out and all his hair standing up. A passerby walked too close and the cat took a swipe at him, too. He was quite riled up.

Now if you look at the picture, you'll notice what looks like candy placed around the cat's hiding place. It was really well organized, and we kept thinking maybe people were bringing it candy for some reason. Maybe so that he wouldn't take a swipe at them.

If I was Kristen, I would say something about my weekend now. So here it is : had a groovy weekend. Even if we ended up going to a half-ass musical on Saturday night.

»that cat ||  10/30/2002 ||  9:56:12 AM
This is a very nice story about that angry cat.
»striper ||  11/4/2002 ||  2:36:02 PM
»kitty! ||  12/9/2002 ||  7:35:28 PM
I met that angry kitty today. He hangs out in front of an herbalist's shop on Mott St. Saw him chase this lab mix a couple doors down til the cat's owner who shouted KITTY NO!! reined him in. The cat kept right on batting and hissing at the dog as if to say, "That's right, get the hell out of here, scram, this is MY block!" The poor dog just whimpered as its owner pulled him away. The cat's tail was all puffed out. I got to stroking the cat and it seemed to calm down. Got to talking to the owner and turns out the cat's from Maryland, supposedly the cats down there have a rep as being pretty ferocious.
»lucy ||  9/28/2003 ||  8:12:30 PM

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