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Tamara on the Daily Show

Go tamara.
our pal / creator of the WWMJD bracelets / co-weekly poll writer, Tamara, wrote a piece for the Daily Show and it's premiering tonight at 11:00. woo hoo! the feature is called EYE ON NEWS... check it out if are near a tv tonight.

Last night was way-fun. We went to a reading-kind-of-thing called Reading It, and got to see a whole bunch of funny people read their funny stuff. Neal Pollack and Sarah Vowell were both there, as were a whole bunch of other super cool people (Jonathan Ames, Melissa Bank, Patrick Borelli, Marc Maron, Jerry Stahl, The Onion's Rob Siegel and Todd Hanson). It was an awesome time had by the happyrobot staff.

have you had those crazy milkshake things that have the tapioca 'pearls' in them? wacky. not sure if i like that or not. will try more and get back to you on that.

Hey! Taiwai is back from Japan. He brought me back this funny robot that looks like the hamburglar.

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