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ride the fast loud train

i just got this cd: Mis Mejores Canciones by Nat King Cole. uber groovy.

Dog Run
these are the dogs i like to watch when i stand at the dog run and watch all the dogs:

1. the dog that stands on the table

2. the small dog that runs at full speed and zooms around the other dogs

3. the small dog who's mouth isn't big enough to pick up the ball... but keeps trying

4. the dog that stands in the corner sniffing stuff the whole time

is it me, or does Mariel Hemingway pick some of the worst movies ever? we had the displeasure of catching a few minutes of 1999's hit "sex monster", a movie which one reviewer said, "Every Playboy reader should see".

We're in a tight spot!

The Kids
my pal scott wrote me about taking his kid to an amusement park. scott, like myself, isn't too fond of amusement park rides...

he also apparently isn't scared of rides at the fair like me (i am a grade-A wuss when it comes to amusement parks), so it looks like he's gonna be forcing me to confront my fears in a couple of years. i rode all these rides with him. and i actually was a little sketched out on a couple of them.

we rode this fire truck thing and i didn't really watch it before hand, but it was a little kid ride, right? so i get on with him. and it was one of those f*cking 'pivoting take you up real high and drop you' things

and i'm on it with like 30 5-years-olds
so i have to act bored while scared as hell and of course he is ready to climb on to the outside of it while it's 50 feet in the air

he kept looking at roller coasters saying "ride the fast loud train!" and i felt sick to my stomach envisioning the pre-teen years.

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