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Dee Snyder and Christina Aguilera : the same person

this just in from smart-guy scott... Dee Snyder and Christina Aguilera : the same person? you tell me!

in other entertainment news : i am excited about this Planet of the Apes movie thing... but i am thinking the monkeys in this movie aren't the cute/funny kind, but more like the evil/bad kind.
not that it will stop me from going.

Sister Christian
our good pal, "sound guy eric" is in a goofy little video clip on VH1. this is the report via rachel:

Tonight I was getting my nightly dose of VH1 silliness via a new show called "My Top 20- Power Ballads". It was one of those where they ask a man on the street what's their favorite power ballad and then the person tells a story and sings a bit of the song. When I tuned in they were showing a White Snake video featuring Tawny Kittan (that was Claudia Schiffer's part orignaly- David Coverdale- David Copperfield she must have been confused) and then up next was Night Ranger's Sister Christian- an all time fave song so I kept watching. The talking head comes on and it's Eric "banned from the internet" Willhelm singing "mo-mo-mo-motorin'" I jump up and down, Rich comes running in and Eric comes back on doing a fine impersonation of the drummer in the video spinning around and then singing some more "motorin'"

our pal eric is in the big time now. get your eyes glued to your sets for more eric.

Time Warner: Interweb Technology Retards
ok, my last bit. i am trying to get some sort of working broadband connection, and finally contacted TimeWarner about their roadrunner service. i filled out a multi page form, and every time i hit submit i got a javascript error. so being the nice dork i am, i wrote them a quick email about the error and the machine/browser i was on. today they wrote me back... keep in mind, this was regarding a basic html form with a few gif rollovers, but that was all.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2001 12:29 PM
Subject: Time Warner Cable of NYC

Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding our exciting new service, RoadRunner.
We apologize for any inconvenience you experienced while accessing our website.

The RoadRunner section of our website utilizes Flash technology. Please make sure that all other applications are closed on your computer when accessing this information to ensure that it loads properly.


Customer Support

all other applications are closed!!
where the hell did they go to school? hollywood-upstairs-computer-academy?

idiots and their autoreply.

you know who i kinda like? kings of convenience.

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