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fuckers. a company in korea just grabbed and are sitting on it. expired 3 months ago and i have been checking on it way too much every day. and now these fuckers are parking it. crap.
oh, and i apparently have a lot of money according to kristen. this i did not know... let me see if i can find it.

Ball. Kick.
Ouch. My kickball foot hurts. Sunday was the first annual Brooklyn Dorks Kickball game in prospect park. i was telling taiwai about it and he had never heard of 'kickball' before, so i will explain it now.

kickball is like baseball, except :
1. instead of hitting a ball with a bat, you kick a much bigger ball with your foot.

2. you can throw the ball at the runner to get them out.

3. the ball is much bigger and not very hard

otherwise, it's the same with the bases and all that stuff. the teams were boys against girls, which turned out to be a little unbalanced so after 4 'innings' we just started playing frisbee.

did i mention that i am one sunburned and sore MF now? i am walking around like an old man today. poor ol' me.

freakie barbie

did you know that Canada Day is coming up soon. i don't know much about it, but i do think it's the cutest sounding national holiday i have ever heard of.

this is my stunning observation for the week... about the only difference between nyc and the rest of this country is that people in nyc carry bags of dog poop around with them. it's amazing. every morning i see dog walkers walking down the street holding plastic bags full of puppy poo looking for a trash can. i can't imagine that there are many other places when people do this (maybe san fran?).

is it me, or are street fairs about the same? they don't seem to every have any local businesses selling crap... it's just the garishly colored sausage and funnel cake trucks, tables of handmade do-dads, and (maybe it's a ny thing) those massage guys with the funny little chairs. you know.
we walked through 2 different street fairs in our neighborhood this weekend, and i swear it was the same stuff at both (they were on different days, so it literally could be) and there were no local businesses represented. stupid fairs.

i think it's high time we stop pretending that michael jackson is any kind of pop star anymore.

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