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jad fair

Palaver is back!
here is issue #39. welcome back david.

david sedaris was on letterman the other night. dave apparently loves him, and said:
"I almost wish you weren't here. Because if you weren't here, you would be home writing more things for me to read."

hey. here are a few things...over at, jad has sent us some new art to post and it's all pretty neat. there is a new section of his color drawings of dogs and also a section of photographs of toy robots he owns! fun.Jad also made paper cuttings for me and David (of - mine is a "happy robot". matt keeps asking me "10 years ago when you were buying half japanese albums, would you ever of thought Jad would be mailing you stuff...".

doing this website for Jad has been lots of fun, and also is just dang nifty being that i have been listening to him since i was a young lad (circa 1984). it sounds corny, but i remember staying up late and listening to this radio show that they played on the local NPR station... it started at 11:00p on monday nights and they would play all this cool stuff like Jad Fair, the circle jerks, and the flying lizards. i still have cassettes of the show. (to sum up my rambling, "yay!")

i just read this really amazingly funny article in salon about the komodo dragon that bit sharon stone's husband.

happy birthday america!

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