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Happy Birthday America

Well, it rained in NYC on the 4th of July… what a stinker. Not that it mattered to me being that I was on the road driving through the rain in cruddy NY/NJ traffic.

It's been one of those whirlwind vacations of friends and family and driving and eating. I gave my parent's my old computer and set it up for email and then tried to explain how it all works… very frustrating. Not that they are dumb people, but it's tough explaining how windows and email and browsers all work to someone who doesn't have much of a background in it. I wasn't a good teacher, I fear.

On a different note, we did drive through West Virginia. I had never been through there before. I hung out with my little brother and he told me all sorts of great stories about stuff that I may write down later depending on if my parents figure out how to browse the web.

I also did yard work and butchered some bushes in my parent's front yard.

Last thing…. Our friend Ellen house/cat-sat for us. When we got home she had left some wine and made this big spanish-potato omelette for us, figuring that we'd be hungry. It was awesome and yummy. That was a great thing to come home to…. Viva Ellen!

To all my Canadian homies, happy late-canada day.

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