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speaking of kristen

oh boy, back to work. after one week of traveling and sleeping late, i am back at the ol' workplace. of course, when you leave for an extended period of time something is always different when you come back: there is a new girl here today. wow! new employees! hope she is ready for the new employee spanking machine.

i don't know if you noticed this, but kristen is on a month long hiatus and has assigned her writing duties to someone else
(who? i don't even know).

speaking of kristen, i got an email the other day from an author of one of the books she reviewed. he was pleased with her comments and said that the review said exactly what he was trying to convey with his book. i thought that was pretty neat.
kristen is a fine young lady.

you know, that running of the bulls thing... now that is just plain crazy.

Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): gored; gor·ing
Etymology: Middle English
Date: 15th century
: to pierce or wound with something pointed (as a horn or knife)

we had a fine saturday night that consisted of a yummy and cheap dinner at this cuban restaurant followed by Shakespeare in the Parking Lot down the street. it was a perfect evening to sit outside, watch a play, and drink wine.

new bagel shop down the street! bagels good! coffee sucks!
last thing... i really like jad fair's dogs

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