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I'm internet blogging the oscars!!!!!

These were my predictions...

Best Picture: The Departed
Best Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu for Babel
Best Actor: Forest Whitaker in The Last King of Scotland
Best Actress: Helen Mirren in The Queen
Best Supporting Actor: Alan Arkin in Little Miss Sunshine
Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls
Best Original Screenplay: Babel
Best Adapted Screenplay: Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
Original Score: Pan's Labyrinth
Original Song: "Listen" — Dreamgirls
Best Foreign Language Film: Pan's Labyrinth — Mexico

Bless the DVR.

So far, it's great!
I just poured a glass of water and we are eating chocolates. The cat's asleep in my chair so I have to sit on the edge - just like the grammy nominees!!
I laughed at Ellen. I don't like her pants.

(never forget)
Those kids sure are cute! Will Smith must of spent hours on that little boy's hair.

Arkin! I got that one! Yay.

Look at them happy feet dancing people. Randy Newman is up next. When Mrs. Robot hears the sentence "Randy Newman is up next" you might as well be saying "You are about to suffer an extreme bout of diarrhea".

There's some singer now. Mrs. Robot is fast-forwarding over it. I'm now just listenning to it in the other room.
Oh, I hear clapping.

Al Gore & Leo. Lovely.

In honor of the Oscars, I uploaded a photo of Oscar.

Suddenly I have lost my enthusiasm for "blogging" about "televison".
Did you notice it's snowing outside?

I lost the "Best Adapted Screenplay" category.

Tom Cruise! Aiyeeeeee! Xenu! Xenu!

I just uploaded this photo of my grams from 1997.
1997: Grandma. Deviled Eggs.

Mrs. Robot reports that there was a commercial where a monkey and an elephant were taking care of some guy.
I just posted this image from Saturday night. Ow. That was a late night.
The bottom left-frame is the best. That was entitled, "This is the point where it all went downhill".
Giselle visits NYC

I missed "Best Foreign Language Film".
When people die, they seem to become more popular.
My grandmother passed away two years ago and I constantly have dreams that take place in her house. It's odd. She's not "coming to me in my dreams" and delivering messages from the great unknown ("Stop playing that English Beat song - just because I'm dead doesn't mean I can't hear") but her house is a constant backdrop.

My pal George passed away three years ago and his family constantly makes cameos in my dreams. Or his parent's house. Or places we went to together a lot.
Like with my grandmother, he isn't there.

I suspect they are hanging out together in heaven. They were fond of each other.

I just got Best Supporting Actress. Booya!

This is the stupidest thing I have ever done.
At least today.

Holy shit. I forgot to mention this: I bought new shoes today. They are sweet.
Oh, and it's snowing now. Like crazy style.

David Spade is "blogging" the Oscars as well.
Hi Jennifer. Unless you write "I'm Beyonce's bitch" across your forehead, you have not thanked Beyonce enough.

Something about the fact that David Spade and I are engaged in similar tasks makes my soul hurt.

Celine Dion?
That's it. I'm out.

it started snowing at 6:30 in brooklyn
I think your predictions are right on
»co-worker ||  2/25/2007 ||  9:51:20 PM
there's more to David Spade then what he projects. I feel the need to believe this. No shame for you, I'd like to believe this- that he, too dreams about his grandmother's house. Also, What's wrong with Ellen's pants?
I missed the Oscars- not intentionally-not because I'm above the Oscars. I just forgot. So thanks for this. Hope you've got good boots for the snow.

»anne ||  2/26/2007 ||  4:59:08 AM
No one can close a show like Celine
»carl ||  2/26/2007 ||  8:20:25 AM
Celene Dion was my breaking point too.
»jl ||  2/26/2007 ||  8:46:01 AM
I didn't see any of this year's movies except for Little Miss Sunshine & The Queen...

But the fact that whatshername won for best song for Al Gore's oscar winning powerpoint presentation... ack!
I mean, dreamgirls got screwed/Nader'd by having three songs competing against each other.
(and it was a truly boring song)
»:r ||  2/26/2007 ||  9:52:52 AM
now now, we don't have to drag poor Nader into this.
»chris ||  2/26/2007 ||  10:49:33 AM
i am not ragging on Nader, but... it's also an easy way to explain splitting the votes.
Since he, well, you know, split the 2000 vote.
»:r ||  2/26/2007 ||  2:36:42 PM
Yes. Nader has enough problems, what with being a colossal dochebag and all.
»stu ||  2/26/2007 ||  2:49:21 PM
Set your snark to stun.
»:r ||  2/26/2007 ||  3:23:37 PM
i'm so wearing blaq for Nader tomorrow.
»chris ||  2/26/2007 ||  3:47:34 PM
Nader is an Android. I got a tour of the Nader android factory when i was in DC - the Republicans created him out of spare parts left over from the carter administration.
»pat ||  2/26/2007 ||  5:24:02 PM
Forest Whitaker isn't even Scotish! That's bullshit!
»pat ||  2/26/2007 ||  5:25:08 PM
West Coast Oscar Parties are wild in that they start really early and so I'm thinking "fuck, I'll have to leave early to go to mark's and watch battlestar galacttica," but then shit - them damn awards were all out at 9pm. Word!
»kristen ||  2/26/2007 ||  7:12:56 PM

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