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Afternoon coffee makes me ponchy (and/or ranty)

Nappy Squirrel
Napping Squirrel

New Fangled
Daily, I am surprised at how people handle themselves on the interwebs. No, it's not the MySpace kids or idiot commenters, but its people I work with.
At first I wanted to blame it on the, "Oh, they are older and not as savvy".
But, crap.
I'm old. Kind of.

Or I could blame it on them being stupid, but obviously they are all smart folks.

My daily head-slappers include...
1. Spelling the name of their company wrong

2. Not knowing their email address

3. They get an email with their username and password for a website, and then use that email to reply back or forward to another department or company. With the password included. And then call me and wonder why the whole Southeast sales-force is using their account.

4. Still using their personal email addresses they created in 1999 when they still lived with their frat brothers. I can't really take you serious goober4beer.

5. The classic "I replied back to that spam message and demanded that they remove my address!!" - note these are the same people who complain about all the spam they get.

Dear Head,

No. Don't Call. No.
The other night I missed a call on my non-caller-ID landline and *69'd them and then googled the phone number for funs. It was a telemarketing company and there were all these comments on one of those anti-telemarketing websites with people who were screaming about being on the Do-Not-Call list and how the phone calls are ruining their lives and the company better stop it!

I wanted to scream at the screen the following bulleted points:

Bullet #1
If a company is operating under the radar, they probably won't honor the DNC list

Bullet #2
If you are a current customer or have a relationship with the company, you will get calls.

Bullet #3
Telemarketing is annoying, but if it's ruining your life, well. Something is amiss.

Bullet #4
If the calls are waking your baby, take the phone out of his crib.

I will say that the song "Mirage" by Siouxsie & the Banshees is one of my all-time favorites and (to me) perfectly encapsulates that odd early 80's underground period.
On this same list, I will include The Fall's "Cruisers Creek".

Roaches are everywhere
Somewhere on the wides worlds webs the other day I was reading a whole mess of comments by people who were FREAKING out about restaurants in NYC having bug problems.
Once again, I wanted to yell at them via the internet (also in bulleted pointed listing)

Internet Bullet Point #1
Every restaurant has roaches

Internet Bullet Point #2
Every restaurant has rodents

Internet Bullet Point #3
This whole island is built upon their crunchy little bodies

Internet Bullet Point #4
Roaches have been on your food.

We brought a tiny kitten home, which was then basically devoured by cranky Robot Kitty. It was disturbing.

Mainly because I could see her doing that.

How's your sleeping?
Mine is fine. I bought these new sheets the other day and there are 5 billion thread count and slightly satin-esque, but not in a slutty way.
I also think they have built in wi-fi.
Combined with the new mattress and the cool evenings - it's been good sleeping.

Child Rearing Tip #248
Compost around the base of your baby can help keep it warm during late spring frosts.

Our pal Mark sent me a txt message this morning as he was boarding a plane in LA.

Erik Estrada is on my flight, and he appears to be a mean drunk. I hope they let him do the safety demonstration.

Oi! For a sec I didn't put the Dreams! part together and thought a little kitten was devoured 4 realz.
»binx ||  5/15/2007 ||  4:06:56 PM
Is there a point where getting a higher thread count is bad? Where, like, you put one more in and suddenly your sheet is a solid mass of packed cotton?
»stu ||  5/15/2007 ||  4:24:25 PM
yea, apparently anything above 350 thread count is just marketing. Like it's not actually possible to have a thread count above that.

I did research a few years back before buying sheets because i am a dork.
(oh, and the ones i bought last week had some stupidly inflated "thread count", so. yea. but they are pretty.)
»:r ||  5/15/2007 ||  4:52:16 PM
new sheets! yummy!

and, yes, if you've eaten in nyc, you've eaten a roach.

this rant made me laugh!
»lisa ||  5/16/2007 ||  7:29:27 AM

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