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I am not trolling for comments here, but this past Sunday Mrs. Robot & I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary.

That is a nice number. All odd and stuff.
For some reason, one of the most memorable memories from our wedding is our friend Scott and his wife Gina. You may recall they set up baby-sitters and reserved hotel rooms and were all ready to come to our wedding.
Except of course, they booked this all for the weekend after our wedding.

I remember sitting in San Francisco on the Monday after our wedding and checking my email and getting a message from him all freaked out as he just realized they missed our wedding.
For some reason, that's my token memory.

Eight other memories I'll treasure
1. My grams being there
2. George's toast
3. My brother's somewhat drunken toast (his face was also covered in lipstick)
4. My brother bringing this girl to our wedding for their first date and her becoming my sister-in-law two years later
5. Eric(w) & Brian(h) wrestling under the catering table and getting yelled at
6. The Sunday brunch at my parents house
7. The rehearsal dinner
8. My brother and I drinking bourbon in the church parking lot beforehand

Then there is this...

Cru. Cru. Cru.
For "wedding celebration" dinner, I took Mrs. Robot to Cru. It's on fifth avenue and ninth street - a neighborhood that I kind of adore. So pretty and classic.

So, if you like wine, do this. Go to the Cru website and view their winelist. They have one for white/sparkling and one for red.
Each "list' is about 50 pages long.
Holy moly. I could just "blog' for a week about the wines they offered - but I'll save that for my top-secret wine blog.
Mrs. Robot did some research online and the rumored number of wines they kept in stock ranged from 60,000 to a dizzying 200,000.

We had their tasting menu - and for interweb fun, they post it online. This is a good thing, as I don't remember half of it. We had a half bottle of Krug champagne before we even ordered and then an Austrian Riesling (vintage 2000!) with the meal.
It began to run together.

Green Apple, Hearts of Palm, and Lemon

Shaved Asparagus, Carrots and Radicchio

Sweet Pea Greens, Hon-shimeji and a Ginger Sauce

Spring Garlic, Speck and a Black Pepper-Parmigiano Sauce

Loin with Prosciutto, Liver Agnolotti, Fingerling Potato Salad

Glazed Fava Beans, Porcini and an Organic Parsley Puree
Red Wine-Natural Jus

Dark Financier, White Mousse and Milk Chocolate Sorbet

I don't think this was the exact menu.
There was a duck dish. It was their take on peking duck which means that I of course licked my plate clean. There was also a pork dish somewhere that we both raved about - I think I dreamed about it.

Even better, it turned out the waiter was pals with two of my work pals. Even better, he poured us glasses of his favorite vin santo (a dessert wine from Italy (tuscanny usually?)) after dinner.

It's a great restaurant. All very professional and they fuss over you and make everyone feel like they are special.
Handsome space. Very grown-up.

After dinner
We strolled through Washington Square Park, went to Duane Reade to buy contact cleaning solution, and then took the train home.

(I suspect we were the only patrons at the restaurant who took the train home)

these are the two memories i have of your wedding too!

5. Eric(w) & Brian(h) wrestling under the catering table and getting yelled at
6. The Sunday brunch at your parent's house

also, i have a photo of you and rachel's shoes...

seven! congrats!

»lisa ||  9/17/2007 ||  1:12:34 PM
Is she licking an ice penguin?

Many congratulations to you and Mrs. Robot.
»eve ||  9/17/2007 ||  1:20:41 PM
it was a beckoning cat ice sculpture.
we had wanted a Mr. T ice sculpture, but they refused (true!)
»:r ||  9/17/2007 ||  2:35:48 PM

i would've put my foot down, sucka.

(beckoning that like a, um... calling pussy?)
»n8 ||  9/17/2007 ||  4:59:05 PM
beckoning cat!
»:r ||  9/17/2007 ||  5:31:05 PM
One of my favorite memories from your wedding was when Ms. Medium Pimping, Mr. & Mrs. Ball, and myself crashed another wedding after yours. We were all dressed up and very drunk and it seemed to make sense at the time. While they did have a great band, your cake was infinitely better.

Happy seven years, bitch. (that's a pun, y'know... it rhymes with "itch"... I use that word only in jest.)
»jeff ||  9/17/2007 ||  6:46:00 PM
Congratulations you crazy kids!
»pony ||  9/17/2007 ||  8:16:16 PM
»jb ||  9/17/2007 ||  10:12:30 PM
I've really liked your stories about George. It was cool seeing his picture. Mrs. Robot with the ice sculpture is hilarious and great. You guys have something really enviable, I believe. Happy 7th! It doesn't seem that long. Very nice. Best to you.
»anne ||  9/19/2007 ||  9:20:23 PM
seven sounds sweet.. enjoy!
»elananano ||  9/20/2007 ||  6:34:18 AM
9. Reba and Eric falling in love before our eyes.

10. Rich taking me aside telling ME "not to get to drunk"... and me LOL...

Congratulations. I'm super jealous.... in a good way.
»kristen ||  9/22/2007 ||  8:41:12 PM
»kristen ||  9/22/2007 ||  8:43:26 PM

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