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Who will be president in 2008 (if Tim doesn't run)

Who will be president in 2008
This is a game I like to play in my head. I think of life in 2008 (or more precisely 2009) and then ponder, "who is the president?" and take the first thing that comes to mind as some sort of fortune telling, time traveling message from my future self.
(the same future self who also says, "cut back on the spicy food")

Politicus Annoyus
I find campaigns almost unbearably unbearable. Issues are never really discussed and cheeseball, overly broad statements and attacks are celebrated. It's amazing we haven't ended up just voting some sort of talking box into office.
People are strange.

Dude. Just put your damn hand over your heart. If other people are doing it, just do it. It's no big thing and you won't "insult" some of my easily insulted aquaintences and/or relatives who otherwise will invariably send out some sort of email about Obama turning the US into some sort of Islamic freedom-hating country where Lee Greenwood gets skull f*cked.
We can only hope.
I stole the Lee Greenwood should be skull f*cked line from Eric(s).
Did I just write "skull f*cked" two three times?

I find her so polarizing. Even in my own head.
Are the Clintons and the Bushes the best families this country can produce?
She seems to avoid using stupid black/white catch-phrase-y statements. That's cool. I suspect when you are president, there's more to it than saying, "I will never raise taxes".
As Senator of NY, she never bothered me.

I don't really like ferrets either. If he was a normal person and not the "noun + verb + 9-11"/"America's Mayor" robot he's become, he could almost be an attractive candidate.
He's moderate on social issues. He's tough on security. I didn't mind him when he was mayor.
I hope the Pat Roberson endorsement bites him in the ass (like a ferret).

What kind of name is that?
His first name is "Willard", so I guess I'd go with Mitt, too.
He wins the award for the slickest of the slick.
He's Mormon. Does that mean we have to learn a whole new set of holidays to be respectful of? When is Mormon day?

I don't know too much about him. But, holy shit, "President Huckabee" would be hi-larry-us-ly awesome.
Just the sight of someone in the middle-east burning a dummy with the word "Huckabee" on it would almost make it all worth it.
Name alone: He would be awesome.

Why can't he ever win?
I have a crazy idea that military service should be a prerequisite for being president.
Talk amongst yourselves.

That guy Alec likes
What's he been doing?

OK. 2008.
First, it will be hi-larry-us if its Rudy v. Hillary in 2008. They could just stay in NY state and fight it out here and quit harassing and ringing the doorbells of Americans.
That would be cool - for some reason.

My brain tells me Rudy v. Hillary.
Then my brain tells me it's Hillary.
Now my brain feels kind of uncomfortable.

The difference, I think, between the culture of democrat voters and republican voters is that most democrats feel comfortable pointing out and laughing at the flaws of their candidates, whereas it seems that, at least during campaigns, and certainly during wartime, hardcore republicans support their team in a ra-ra way, no matter how badly they are performing.
I say this as a Maple Leaf fan.
»pony ||  11/14/2007 ||  10:24:26 AM
one more thing: this whole "tough on security" is such a fallacy. The ones who go on and on and on about security are inevitably the same leaders who make us less secure through their sabre-rattlin' ways.
I would say that someone who is good at diplomacy is good for security. Just stirring the pot, here. The robot is so timid sometimes
»pony ||  11/14/2007 ||  10:27:44 PM

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