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Interwebs Meme: Clarence Carter has some questions for you

My iPod robot loves the Clarence Carter song "Strokin'". It plays it all the time.
I have vague memories of this song, but didn't really pay attention to it until one night at dinner. We were at the phenomenal Taro Sushi and had just finished a two-hour stretch of being fed delicious fishy morsels by the chef. It was late. We were full of food and sake and/or beer.

Suddenly, this song came on their stereo.
In the sushi restaurant.

When I got home, I immediately went and downloaded it (and I believe that was my last purchase from the iTunes store (but that is another post)).

In the song, Clarence Carter has a few questions to ask the listener and I was just thinking, "Those questions would be a funny interwebs meme. Also, I am hungry."
So, below, my answers.

The rest of the happyrobot crew - consider yourself tagged!

Let me ask you somethin'...
What time of the day do you like to make love

Clarence, I really don't have a preference to be honest. Really. Anytime. Thank you.

Have you ever made love just before breakfast
Sure, that was called college. Was it me, or did it seem like college was all early morning lovin'?

Have you ever made love while you watched the late, late show
Which late late show? To be honest, I don't think I have. If we are talking about a specific late show.
Now, late at night, when there was a show on the TV. Sure.
But, with, say, Craig Kilbourn on? I don't think so.

Well, let me ask you this
Have you ever made love on a couch

In college I had a papasan chair that my roommate made the sweet love in. He told me much later. The chair became the cat's domain after that.
"Here kitty, here's a chair! Just for you!"

Well, let me ask you this
Have you ever made love on the back seat of a car

The girl I dated in high school said that I could probably open a jewelery store with all the lone earrings that fell down into the seat of my early 80's Pontiac Grand Prix.
Clarence, really, the question should be: "have you ever made love in the front seat of a car?".
That, my friend, is something to brag about.

I remember one time I made love on the back seat of a car
And the police came and shined his light on me, and I said:

I'm strokin', that's what I'm doin', I be strokin'
I stroke it to the east
And I stroke it to the west
And I stroke it to the woman that I love the best
I be strokin'

This is where I will once again differ with you.
I said, "Oh, yes. Officer. We'll move along. Thank you. Have a good night."

It's a meme!
Fellow robot'ers take the bait.
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The Full Lyrics

You are a brilliant man.
»chris ||  11/2/2007 ||  11:55:00 AM
supremely clever.
»lisa ||  11/2/2007 ||  1:13:07 PM
»liz ||  url || 11/2/2007 ||  11:03:25 PM

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