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Dreaming of holiday Zunes and buckets

All the little post-its
Is it me, or are the streets always littered with orphaned post-it notes. Little weathered squares with phone numbers, addresses, to-do lists, doodles… Dropped by people who in the future will be telling someone that they lost their phone number. Or address. Or grocery list. Or doodle of a horse.

I don’t like losing things. In fact, I think my brain spends an inordinate amount of brain juice making sure I have my wallet or cell phone or post-it note with the address of the place I am going to. I think there was some traumatic losing issue when I was younger – most likely the time I lost my Ronald McDonald watch on the school playground. Mom took me back and we scoured the dirt for it but never found it.
Stupid plastic watch.

Recently I had a dream where I arrived in some city in Europe and I was staying with someone and had written their address down but left it at home. The whole dream was spent wandering around the generic European city trying to figure out what to do.
I woke up all annoyed and cranky.

Dream II
Hey. You with the dream book. What does it mean when you only dream about people who have passed away?
And don’t tell me it means that they are trying to contact me through the “dream world”.

Dream interpretation books.

That’s quite a racket. I may write one and see how it sells.

If you dream about snakes, then you are scared of walking though the woods and having a snake fall onto your head from a tree brand above. This means you are insecure about trees with snakes in them.

If you dream about vomiting, your stomach may be upset and you may vomit in real life. Any minute now. I’d stay near the bathroom or at least have a bucket nearby.
(granted, you should always keep your bucket nearby)

Happy Holiday Consumer Celebration
Last night, Mrs. Robot and I celebrated early Christmas and exchanged gifts (not a euphemism). She received a new iPod as her old one (the idiotically designed “four button” version) died recently. The new one is black and has this lovely matte surface and I want to hold it and cuddle it when she isn’t doing the same. Naturally, since it’s 2007, you can do all sorts of things such as put photos on it.

My idea is for her to only load LOLCAT images on to her iPod.


All of her presents were wrapped with "Zune"-esque wrapping paper. The little gift card on her iPod said, "Welcome to the Zune".
I am not sure she found this as hillarious as I did.

(she could have been the only female with a Zune!)

Hey! Happy Holidays!
Keep it real.
This past week has about killed me. Too much holiday cheer. My body hates me.
Office holiday party. Holiday dinners. Holiday toastings.
My next broadcast will be from the confines of the family compound where I will be (hopefully) well rested and (most likely) wearing a new sweater.

St. John the Divine: Candles
Medium Format
Oh, and I finally got some medium format negatives developed and scanned that I shot this past fall.
Those medium format negatives are sharp and crisp that it makes me head hurt. Note the scans look a bit lot grainy.

If you dream about a snake falling from a tree, then you are afraid of a penis falling from a tree, onto your head.

I had a dream that I was in line at customs, but I had forgotten my passport. Even in my dream, I thought: how lame of a dream!
»pony ||  12/21/2007 ||  1:00:04 PM
Oh those are candles. Great pics.

»j ||  12/21/2007 ||  1:54:36 PM
I've been dreaming of zombies recently.

How utterly boring and passe.
»stu ||  12/21/2007 ||  3:47:53 PM
I had a dream last night that Stu was holding me hostage, and to piss me off, he started killing my cats. Which is strange because I have no cats and Stu has about 50.

Analyze THAT, mofo!
»chris ||  12/22/2007 ||  11:04:14 AM
the cats that you don't own represent your sexual attaction to stu, who even though he owns more cats than any man should, somehow stabilizes your own inner child. so stu kills your inner child, and validates your latent homosexuality and ultimate attraction to stu and his cats. the good news is, it's all your mother's fault.
»tim ||  12/23/2007 ||  1:20:32 AM

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