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How much is y'alls robot?

A few years ago, I was talking to this girl who did graphics for us at work and I said something about the width and height of the image we were working on.
I said something like, "We can't change the width and the heighth".
As in "height" with a "th" on the end.
As in "height" if it was related to "width".

She looked at me funny and asked, "what did you just say?"

I then realized that I had been spending the last 60 years of my life saying the word "height" wrong.
Where did that come from?

My parents of course. My mom this weekend said "height-th".
And then this morning, my mother-in-law said the same thing.


How much is y'alls ________
That is something that I recently noticed that people say down here in the "south". You ask a clerk this. Usually you use the generic description and not the actual brand name.

How much is y'all's cat litter?

Then the clerk has to give you an average price of the product while you stand there at the checkout.
Am I spelling "Y'all" right?
Would it also be an apostophe "s"?

I am mashing buttons on the internet
My mother and grandmother spent a few minutes the other night trying to figure out which button they have to "mash" to get the heater to come on.
It was awesome.
There is nothing better than the word "mash" when used to describe pressing buttons.

Country Measurement
This morning we came up with the measurement of "country".
As in...

"How far is it from here?"
"Well, it's not country far."

"Is she pretty?"
"She's country pretty"

"Was it a lot of money?"
"It was pretty high for country"

"Was it a good restaurant?"
"Yea, it was country good"

Tomorrow Nights Dinner?
Lexington barbeque.

Happy Post Christmas!

"mash" was always one of my favorite southern terms. also, "all y'all" which pretty much means everyone within shouting distance.
»lisa ||  12/27/2007 ||  1:13:36 PM
lexington barbecue sucks.

but gee howdy, ain't the south entertaining!

»jason ||  12/27/2007 ||  9:16:58 PM
hmmm so just how much IS y'all's robot?
»eve ||  12/27/2007 ||  9:23:23 PM
yea, to be honest.. it wasn't that good.
»:r ||  12/28/2007 ||  11:28:49 AM

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