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My Top Ten Favorite Year in Review Lists of 2007

Bye 2007
The end of year is upon us and once again we are look to the past and review what went well and what didn't and all that.
Or, in this case here is my year in review of other people's year in reviews.
Ten of them.
In no particular order.

10. The NYT Automobile Section
My grandfather (on my mother's side) was a mechanic and when he died my grandmother (also on my mother's side (oddly)) presented me with a box of his old magazines.
Road & Track. Car & Driver.
I was in the 5th grade and had never really paid attention to these magazines, but quickly became a fan of all things auto and have been since. When the weekend NYT arrives (or doesn't due to our crappy paper delivery person) I usually read the auto section first.
There. I said it.

Today they gave us three lists recapping the highs and lows of them there autos in 2007
- Giant Rises, and Shines
- Cars Rock, but Stickers May Shock
- Tot Tested, Dad Approved

9. Pitchfork's Best Albums of 2007
Now I know what the kids are listening to on the MySpaces.

8. Roger Ebert: The year's ten best films and other shenanigans
OK, I haven't seen Juno and don't really plan to, but is that really the best film for 2007?
Also, has anyone else noticed that the Chicago Sun Times website is really badly done? Why there are broken links to Ebert's other articles on the front page, I don't know.
For instance, this page here.... none of the links seem to work. Right now.

7. The 15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007
Did I mention that I gave Mrs. Robot an iPod for Christmas Shopping Holiday? I wrapped it in Zune wrapping paper.
The little gift-wrap card that Apple prints for you said: Welcome to Zune.

6. The Yale Book of Quotations: 2007 Quote of the Year - "Don't tase me, bro."
Let's not forget Larry Craig's wide stance.
(LOLCAT Don't Taze me!)

5. NY1: 2007 Year In Review: Year Of Shake-Ups In Brooklyn
Lonely Planet's travel guide listed Brooklyn as a must see destination this year, saying the borough stands proud as the hippest part of the city.

4. My Year in Review on FLICKR
Dude! It's my list of lists! I can add whatevers I wants.

3. Defamer 2007 Year In Review
It was kind of all Britney.

2. Frank Bruni's Review of 2007: Let's Eat, Not Fuss
The NYT's Year in review for dining features Pork Butt!
Pork Butt!
Also check out his lists of...
- The 10 Best New Restaurants of 2007
- Disappointing Restaurants of 2007

1. Google: 2007 Year-End Zeitgeist
american idol
britney spears

Thanks for this.
»jb ||  12/30/2007 ||  10:10:29 PM
you are my hero. Some of your pictures, which I never saw at work or otherwise, made me weep...seriously. You make me want to take better pictures and capture things I never thought to capture. thank you!!!!! (i was reviewing #4)
»cyberperson ||  1/3/2008 ||  12:20:54 AM
thank you cyber person.
Am I also the wind beneath your wings?
If so, what kind of bird are you?
»:r ||  1/3/2008 ||  2:52:35 PM
i miss r & r...
»kmac ||  1/3/2008 ||  3:08:10 PM
I miss kmac...
er, I mean, Chief of Staff Kmac
»:r ||  1/3/2008 ||  3:22:59 PM

how many babies did you have last year, mr robot?
»klutch.xls ||  1/10/2008 ||  8:34:25 PM

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