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Birfday Phuns

Where I been at
Today is my birthday as well as the fine website's birthday.
Nine years old (the website that is (58 for me)).


This past week has been the awesome fun. Last Saturday we had rented a ZipCar so that we could run some errands. I arrived at the garage on time, but the car wasn't there and the ZipCar people rang me and told me that the car and it's driver are currently lost and running late.
This was the same weekend as the Idiotarod and they were down there in Dumbo at the time so I watched them all running by, got a sandwich, and then went shopping at the nice wine shop down there.
I bought a bottle from Saint-Joseph - a little area of France that is on my list to drink more of.
What's the grape? Syrah!

Finally the car shows up and I am off to pick up Mrs. Robot and run our errands. We had rented the Volvo S40 - a car that I really really like. As I am waiting for her, my body suddenly tells me, "Dude, we are sick down here. Watch out." and that was the end of my weekend. Suddenly it was feeling flu-ish.

I had the flu.
It was awesome. You have to hand it to great human disease designer in the sky, because this is just a well designed virus. I went to visit my doctor on Tuesday (the 5000 degree temperature the night before spooked me) and he was going through the checklist of what hurts and I just told him, "How about I tell you about the one or two things that don't hurt - cause everything else does."
Did I mention it was awesome?
Every day was a new and exciting adventure.
My favorite part? The constant chills and then sweats and then chills.

I think that worked well. That's what they gave me.

I got an iPhone!If you know me, you know that I AM AN EARLY ADOPTER!
I constantly have the newest cell phones and MP3 players.
And by "newest" I of course mean 2004 LG phone and 2002 iPod.
For my birthday, Birthday Claus brought me an iPhone. And since we have had a handy family plan situation, I gave Mrs. Robot an iPhone for her early birthday.
As an early adopter, I should write a whole review of the iPhone because I am sure you are fascinated about what it can do and how I am enjoying it and my insights and discoveries (it has theYouTubes on it!). I am sure you have never read anything about it.

Holy shit. It is a sweet piece of ass.
Granted, I've never even had a phone that had a camera on it, so I could just be excited because it's a new phone.
But, yea. Sweet.
I heart it.

LisaMay  makes some delicious cookies!
I heart cookies.

Mrs. Robot was so jealous of my WEEK OF FLU (especially of the fetal position moaning I am so keen of) that she went and got her own flu! Awesome!

This is a week late (see "flu" above).
About the Idiotarod. It was all over our hood. And in theory, I think it's hilarious and funny and if I was more energetic and looking to score with the young ladies I would have totally been out there.
We were coming back from Fairway (love) down in Red Hook and ran into the finish line... and you know, they were just trashing the neighborhood. As we were sitting at a stop light, we watched these idiotdouchebags just dump their trash covered grocery cart into someones yard.
Crap was everywhere. Grocery carts were just being abandonned.

Dear Idiotarod douchebags,
Your costumes for the most part were easy and predictable (I sound like Project Runway) and I got the feeling that most of your were business majors in college and now you are trying to get your NYC-Freak-On and pretend to be art majors. With all the trash you left, either you don't live in the neighborhood, or if you do, you are thedouchebaggiest neighbors ever. I am not saying that making a mess is a bad thing, but forcing random neighbors then to have to clean it up...
Hope you got some good web-loggings out of it!

(I guess I did)

And then the other morning I saw a hawk. Neat.
A hawk lives in Brooklyn

happy birthday,friend! sorry about the flu, happy you loved the cookies and jealous of your new family of iphones!
»lisa ||  2/3/2008 ||  12:44:30 PM
was that Hawk photo taken with your new iPhone? ... oh and Happy Birthday mr. robot!
»k ||  2/3/2008 ||  1:38:21 PM
»chris ||  2/3/2008 ||  5:50:06 PM
Isn't tamiflu what they have on reserve for the bird flu?
»pony ||  2/3/2008 ||  8:16:26 PM
happy birthday.
»blaine ||  2/3/2008 ||  8:28:15 PM
i am watching the Puppy Bowl on animalplanet oand thinking of you.
»blaine ||  2/3/2008 ||  8:29:33 PM
Happiest of Birthdays!
»liz ||  url || 2/3/2008 ||  9:31:45 PM
Yea! Giants win!
»try ||  2/3/2008 ||  10:32:27 PM
Wow. Giff had that exact same flu for a week. Maybe you stole it from her?

If so, you can totally keep it.

And we, too, have started going to Fairway on a regular basis. You see, we were worried about having nothing to do over the weekends, and going to Fairway totally takes up five hours we'd otherwise spend doing nothing. Is that what you use the ZipCar for?

Oh yeah. And. Happyrobotbirthday.
»stu ||  2/3/2008 ||  11:58:25 PM
thanks for being borned!!!!
»kristen ||  2/4/2008 ||  10:09:52 AM
happy happy! i like that you and ms. r are so tight you share iphones and flus (plural sp?) alike. that is true love.
»elananano ||  2/4/2008 ||  11:23:18 PM
She kept saying, "Don't give me your flu!"... but I knew she was only kidding.
»:r ||  2/5/2008 ||  11:11:50 AM

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