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Nine Things about happyrobot

1. There should be an equation to figure out a website's age in "human years" - like you do with dogs. I figure the average personal website has an average life of five years.
So, we'll say 5 years in website years equals 80 years in human years. This would make happyrobot pretty ancient in human years.
My point is that happyrobot became a teen and didn't like me and moved out of the house. It grew up. It left the nest. It does its own thing now.
That is kind of cool.

2. Back when I had jobs that didn't demand much of my time/brain, I could work on happyrobot all day long. Last year they gave me a promotion and a fancy title and now expect me to work during the day.
Of course, I am writing this at work. Instead of working on finishing my self-appraisal that is 50 weeks late.

3. I think the very first version of happyrobot was hosted on Remember them?

4. That internet archive website is great fun. And also pain inducing.
Animated gif? Why!
Remember black background?

5. I have always tried to get happyrobot working on alternative devices. AvantGo for the Palm Pilot worked fairly well. The early version for cell phones (written with the lovely WAP) never worked so well. The iPhone version I was working on last night? I like it quite a bit.

6. I don't recall/remember why it's named happyrobot. Maybe I should create some sort of clever story so that when AOL/Google/Yahoo/MySpaces buys happyrobot and makes us all trillionaires, I'll have something to talk about during the press conference.

7. BTW, happyrobot is for sale. For one trillion dollars.

8. It's funny how the staff of happyrobot is all divided these days between the baby haves and the baby have-nots.

9. Other than the WYSIWYG editor that the staff uses, happyrobot is still all of my idiotic back-end coding. I am secretly proud of that. I am secretly proud that happyrobot doesn't have any TypePad, WordPress, Blogger stuff behind the scenes.
Take that internet!
(now, this also means that I have a constant list of bug fixes that I have to fix... but that is what you do... as a parent)

The baby people are raising a baby army to wipe out the non-baby happyrobot people.

This is why I'm amassing an army of cats to defend myself.
»stu ||  2/11/2008 ||  11:27:18 AM
Viva la robot!
»liz ||  url || 2/12/2008 ||  1:03:49 AM

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