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When I am an old man, I'll be handsome

Before I start this, let me say that when I write "funeral", in my brain I pronounce it as "Fun-er-roll".
Friday we attended the funeral of Mrs. Robot's sweet grandma. Funerals.

The odd thing about funerals is when you catch yourself having fun. Seeing people who you haven't seen in a long time. Someone telling a funny story.
Especially if it's during the "viewing" portion of the day.
"Ha ha! That was funny!", you say to uncle so-and-so as the deceased rests over in the corner. The extremes of it all.

The grandmother in question was Mrs. Robot's mom's mom. It was always entertaining to be out with the three of them because you saw the same behavior and interactions between the moms and the daughters.
"Mom, don't do that" Mrs. Robot would say to her mom.
"Mom, don't do that" Mom-in-law would say to grandma.

During the post-funeral lunch I was reminded of something she said to me once. It was probably at Christmas, and as I  walked in to the room she loudly declared, "You're getting more and more good looking every time I see you".
Then there was a perfectly timed comedic pause…

"When you're an old man, you'll be handsome!"


RIP Grandma Dot!

Crappy Grocery Stores
We went grocery shopping the other night while down in RobotLand with the in-laws. I was beginning to feel like my body was having a hard time with the amount and type of food I was eating and longed for a salad that wasn't iceberg lettuce, grated cheddar cheese, and ranch dressing.

We drove (like Americans do) to the local grocery store to look for salad fixings and it was just depressing. Granted, the stores are huge. And well lit and don't have birds flying around in them like the Gristidis in Brooklyn Heights.
But when you really look at it there is nothing there.
So much crap food.
So depressing.
So hard to make a decent salad.

We love chain restaurants.

I had something else to tell you
Let's see...

- Mrs. Robot out of town and I can't seem to dress my self… done that one before.

- The cat is nervous that I will forget to feed her.

- My dreams recently have been dramatic big adventures based around mundane activities (I must send that email!).

- iPhone. Still love it.

- Something about Obama (you knew that the reason that he didn't vote for the war was because he wasn't in the Senate, right?)

- Australian Shiraz makes me depressed. Generally.

Facebook. All those dumb applications. What's up with that?

- Lohan as Monroe. I thought those were actually very well done photographs. Also, there was nudity. And freckles.

- I explained Google to my grandmother. I think.

- Last night our goofy study group met at this girl's apartment and it was so nice and clever that I am super depressed about our apartment.

- Our new mattress has a layer of memory foam that doesn't seem to bounce back and it makes it hard to sleep in the middle of the bed when your spouse is away.

- My pal Mark poo-pooed my iPhone because he had just bought a new Blackberry with the redeeming quality that it can receive XM radio. OK.

- Sunday I flew back to NYC at noon and had an emergency exit row to myself.

- My boss is out all week and part of me is like, "AWESOME! Two hour lunches and leaving at three!" and then the other part of me is like, "Your to-do list is three pages long – get back to work jerkface".

What grocery store did you visit?

»jason ||  2/19/2008 ||  4:10:45 PM
I bet it was the piggly wiggly or the winn dixie
»pony ||  2/19/2008 ||  4:24:53 PM
It was the Ingles that is "nicer" than the Food Lion.
»:r ||  2/19/2008 ||  4:27:58 PM
I think you are putting on.
»jason ||  2/19/2008 ||  4:48:06 PM
So sorry to hear about Mrs. Robot's gram.

Crappy grocery stores (I'm talking to you, Safeway), chain restaurants and Australian shiraz- hate them all.
»eve ||  2/19/2008 ||  5:19:33 PM
Ingles might be full of processed food but there are still several Laura Lynn items in my pantry, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.
»mizalmond ||  2/20/2008 ||  10:51:30 AM
I just read _In Defense of Food_, which reminded me of all that. Michael Pollan's guideline is "Shop around the edges of the supermarket, and avoid the middle." Which is more successful at some places than others.
»stu ||  2/20/2008 ||  11:20:47 AM
I am not dissing Ingles as that is the grocery store I grew up with - that said, even my hometown one is pretty lame for some things.
»:r ||  2/20/2008 ||  1:10:00 PM
Speaking of grocery stores, it's interesting how they change depending on the neighborhood. Ingles used to have two locations on my end of town. One was in a somewhat poor area and was a mess and full of garbage.

The other, in the fancier part was naturally much fancier, cleaner, brighter, better selection. I realize this is true pretty much everywhere and with other businesses. Just odd.
»:r ||  2/20/2008 ||  1:11:15 PM
Maybe not "odd". But it's hard to come to grips with Joe Ingles or Tad WinnDixie green-lighting these crap stores in poor areas.
"Well, it's ok if they have bums living in the produce section - poor people don't mind that"

This is a bigger conversation than one can have in the comments section i suppose.
»:r ||  2/20/2008 ||  1:13:24 PM
Grocery Stores for poor people seems to be a topic that comes up frequently on happyrobot, for some reason. Maybe we should have a dedicated Poor Grocery Store chat page. Without a 400 character limit, of course.
»stu ||  2/20/2008 ||  1:21:41 PM
The Ingles I used to shop at, on the other side of the Tunnel from downtown Asheville, was really crappy. We nicknamed it "Ghetto Ingles." It certainly stood in sharp contrast to the really nice 24 hour Ingles on the end of Merrimon. But as you said, the size/niceness of the store reflects the income of the neighbors. Not that surprising, really.
»mizalmond ||  2/20/2008 ||  2:33:20 PM
Oh, and I didn't think you were dissing Ingles. I just wanted to give a shout out to Miss Laura Lynn. Way to go, preservatives!
»mizalmond ||  2/20/2008 ||  2:34:55 PM
Rest peacefully, Mrs. Robot's Grandma! Hope they have deluxe grocery stores in heaven.
»pony ||  2/20/2008 ||  3:56:54 PM
Ghetto Ingles
Bingo. That was the one I was talking about.
»:r ||  2/21/2008 ||  12:17:57 AM

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