Where I been?
It’s been busy recently. So busy that Lisa wrote me the other day to make sure that I hadn’t fallen in a hole since I hadn’t made a move in Scrabulous in like 72 hours.

On a side note, Stu beat the crap out of me in Scrabulous.
On a second side note, I beat the crap out of Stu in Scabulous.

Where I been?
If I look back on my calendar, I see a lot of stuff.
Where does the time go?
Lots of work things. I had my annual review at work. It went very well.
Then my boss resigned. Hope that had nothing to do with my good review. We had two weeks of “my boss is leaving” and “who is replacing him” and “let’s go out for a drink in honor of the boss”. The “drink” part about killed me – especially last week as it seemed that I was out every night doing some sort of socializing and drinking and then came in to work and somehow ended up at big lunches that included the “drink” as well.

I don’t want to blame the “drink”. It’s the “food” as well. As well as the “stress and anxiety” factor. Also, I blame the moon people.

What else happened during the past two weeks?
Camera Phone Collage: March 2008

- Our pal Daisy left town and we went to a dinner in her honor at Bocca Lupo

- We went out with our “cousin of friend” pals to Po

- Went out with Mina and her husband for champagne and then dinner at Lunetta
(Lunetta, while very good, is no Po (or Saul for that matter). It’s good, you just don’t feel the love from their staff like you do at Po or Saul. They also don’t take reservations for parties under six people. But every single time Mrs. Robot and I go there they ask if we have a reservation. We are two people. You don’t take reservations for two. Or do you? Or not? Make up your mind.)

- Jeff came over for dinner and we cooked big ass steaks and drank something nice but I don’t recall what it was.

- I split a half case of wine with my MW pal. Tyrrells Vat One Semillon. The latest vintage (which is 2000). Damn.

- Drank a bottle of Tyrrells Vat One Semillon with Serge & Irene and Mrs. Robot at that Chinese place we like. The one on 9th ave and 24th. Where we bring wine. Awesome.

- Discovered the great bar “Passerby”. Had an awesome rye manhattan. They promptly closed the next night. Damn.

- My highschool pal Laura was in town and we went out with her and husband for dinner. After going to an art show where we saw that guy from Sonic Youth. No, not Thurston. The other guy. Yea, that one.

- Had the Lawtons and Tams over for dinner and cooked a lamb shoulder. With polenta and steamed spinach. Very tasty. Want the recipe? So easy.

- I bought a new suit. How grown up.

(apart from buying a suit, I only eat and drink)

Chuck Taylors
Are the Chuck Taylors in fashion now for the ladies? Twice in the past week I have been on the train and looked down and noticed that all the ladies were sporting Chuck Taylors.
Is summer 2008 going to be the summer of Chuck Taylors?
Bring it!

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