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Time management for teens

Abandoned Tote
Mrs. Robot and I attended Whisk(e)y Live last night at the Puck building. There were all these whisky and whiskey producers crammed into one big room. A fine time it was.
Afterwards, we ran into Mrs. John Ball and were walking down the street with her when I noticed this slightly wonky woman in front of us wobbling down the sidewalk. At first I thought she was homeless, but then realized that she was just oldish and had a bum leg/hip/back or something that caused her to walk funny. She had a tote bag proclaiming that she (or its previous owner) had been an attendee at a conference or class entitled "time management for teens".

I always wish I had some sort of all-mighty/god-like powers where I could see the history of item like that.
From a design point of view, the bag was pretty ugly and I was trying to imagine the designer (probably years ago) sitting at their desk sketching the design.
"Hmmmm. Maybe I should use some sort of 'clock' imagery?"

Then there is someone at the organization that was funding the program who was presented with a number of designs and declared the atrocious purple one as the one to go with. They signed off and then paid for the production of the bag.

They had their little program and all the attendees received their totes. I don't imagine that this woman on the street is the original owner. I suspect the original owner (who went to the conference) looked at the bag and sighed.
"Good lord. Another tote bag."
I imagined the original owner (who I see as a woman) then thought that maybe her mother could use the bag. Or her odd aunt in the city with the bum leg.

Or maybe it went to Salvation Army.

Teens Manage Time?
This program for teen time management - did it work? Was the production of the tote bag worth it?
That is the real question I suppose.

Are there young adults out there who look back fondly and think, "My life is so much better due to the time management skills I learned from my teacher when I was a teen."

If we knew when this teen time management course happened, could we then put together a chart and track increased teen time management skills after the course? Or was there an unfortunate stagnation of teen time management that the course couldn't crack?

Since everyone has the internets and a web log, I imagine that the lady from last night will read this post one day.
"Teen Time Management? Don't *I* have a tote bag that says this?"
And she digs through the pile of bags, coats and scarves that live on the chair next to the front door until she finds the bag. She holds it up to the light to read the text. Then she leaves a real nasty comment here.

"I have a bum leg from when I injured it saving puppies and babies from a fire at the puppy and baby orphan agency!! May the powers of Kurt Cameron and JJ Redick smite you!!"

Things were probably different for (most) girls, but as a teen, if I wasn't filling my time with boobie thoughts, then that time wasn't worth managing.
»chris ||  4/3/2008 ||  11:19:33 AM
Time Management for Teens brought to you by Jason Womack- time management specialist

I'm enjoying "where does time go?" I like the clicks on his recorder after each slide

»mrs. robot ||  url || 4/3/2008 ||  6:22:41 PM
I want that bag.
Make Tomorrow Count, Starting Today:
»pony ||  4/4/2008 ||  12:45:10 PM

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