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Spring Cleaning on the Robot (AKA comic strip making out)

Post-Hacking Clean up
The issue with happyrobot is this:
- it is old
- it is big

Granted, being old and big is a good thing in many cases. For instance, castles.
Or wine. Or grandpas.

For happyrobot, it is a bit of an issue because happyrobot has evolved and grown over the past ten years and there are lots of little bits that are spread about and have been forgotten.
And then are discovered by hacking robots and that is all she wrote.

So, over the course of this long three day weekend I am going to do some cleanup on the site. If you find broken links, feel free to holla.

Robot Re-Runs

This means is that I am coming across lots of things I have forgotten about. I think I will start featuring (and archiving) them here on Robot Journal.

Comic Strips
Up until I moved to NYC, I was always a daily newspaper subscriber. From time to time I would cut out individual comic strip frames that caught my eye. Sometimes I would cut out a comic strip and take the dialog from another and glue it all together.
For the teens reading this, understand that this means that I had to get scissors and actually cut paper – this being pre-photoshop and all.

okay, enough with the gam3z. it's time you admit: Rich Robot invented the intertronz!
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