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The new homeless

The new homeless
Our block has a new homeless person on it. Exciting. I don't know her name yet, but she sleeps in a box every night and during the day sits on the street making comments about everyone.
Even though she seems pretty out of it, I already like her a lot better than the creepy crackhead guy that used to mope around our hood. He was an actual jerk (on top of everything else he had going on).  The rumor on the block is that the guy in that nice brownstone up the street once chased cracky guy down the block.. kicking him in the butt all the way. Apparently he told cracky guy to never show his face again on our block or else there would be more butt kicking.
I haven't seen him in a while.

Opera Singer
I think she has been on vacation. Or just stopped practicing in the apartment.
One of our neighbors, who is smarter and more cultured, pointed out the even larger issue is that she isn't very good at the singing of the opera. In fact, quite bad.
So, there is that.

Me? I've taken up yodeling.

New Desk
This past weekend we drove out to IKEA and bought me a new desk and a carpet for the office. And some fun lamps. And colorful paper napkins. And new dishes for the cat. And so on.
The new desk is exciting. I am scaling down my home office space because it was getting a little out of hand and I wasn't using the large expanse of space on my desk.

Also, the new desk made room for the new wine cooler. Baby finally got a proper wine cooler.
Now I have somewhere to store my cases of Cheval Blanc. (and by cases I mean bottles)
(and by bottles I mean bottle)

We lost our stay-at-home spouse
Mrs. Robot and I often lament the fact that we don't have a third spouse to stay home and do stuff during the day. She is going back to work now and we both are going to miss the early (before 9pm) dinners composed of more than three ingredients. The clean laundry. The cat who has someone around to shake the feather toy at her.
Do you want to be our other spouse?

Requirements for third spouse
- Enjoy grumpy cats
- Must be anal about dish washing
- Has to sleep on the couch
- A keen eye when garnishing food
- Know that I don't like raisins
- Can hold their liquor
- Can hold my liquor

Our dry cleaner is racist
I've lamented the fact before (I think) that I sometimes forget that everyone in the world doesn't think the same way I do. I suspect that a lot of people have that realization from time to time.
Take for instance our crazy anti-immigrant friend who will somehow always work in the topic of how much the "mexicans" in her town annoy her.
"Speak English!"

Then yesterday, our usually lovely dry-cleaner mentions to be that she wants Hillary to win because, "you know, if Obama wins he'll bring in all black people and they will monkey everything up".

Now, she is a native of a country that has actual monkeys. Like Ronald, maybe she doesn't know that the "black people" and the word "monkey" make Americans a bit un-comfy.

I guess your dry-cleaner is just "calling a spade a spade."
Ick. I feel dirty even being sarcastic about shit like that.

That said, I will be front and center at Obama's inauguration on January 20. Save the date!
»blaine ||  5/8/2008 ||  3:13:18 PM
Could I be your third spouse? I could make cocktails.
»j ||  5/8/2008 ||  3:51:08 PM

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