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Elevators + Mobile + Awesome / Not Awesome

Nothing more exciting than talking about dreams
I have been having these recurring dreams where I am in some sort of large hotel/resort thing. It's very tall and there are crazy steep stairwells everywhere and elevators that speed up and down *AND* back and forth all jerky style.
I'm always trying to find someone.

Let me get out my dream book
This means that I want to go into hotel management.
Or elevator design.
Or stairwell maintenance.

Just as a sidenote
My dreams are open for product placements. Does your company have a product or service that you'd like to have displayed in the dreams of the hot 0-38 anxious male demographic? Click the contact button!


HB Jeffo!
12:15amOur best pal Jeff celebrated his birthday Saturday night. That was the night where mother nature decided to try and exact some sort of revenge on NYC by attempting to drown us.
Or hit us with lightning.
Or blow us off the street.
It was nuts.
That said, we stayed out until past 3am. Just like the teens. And I had a fake mustache on for a while.
Oh, and I met a girl named Adina.


Over the past couple of days there have been news stories about managing the flood of email that we all receive. In a rare quiet Monday morning moment, I wrestled my inbox down from 300+ unread to 24.
That's a doable amount. Like many people (I assume) my inbox serves as my task list and mail sits there unread until I actually act on it - so I now have 24 things to do.

iPhone Version
The mobile version of happyrobot was updated a bit over the weekend and features a snazzy new version of the Robot Filter as well as some other fun stuff (mostly on the backend).
You'll find it at
Now, the old mobile version has been replaced with this new iPhone friendlier version. This will confound the three people who read happyrobot with the generally crappy phone browsers. I'll fix that soon.

According to our little statistical robot, 80% of our users are on Windows. Then it goes Mac, Linux, and iPhone.

Remember the Palm Pilot version of happyrobot? I miss that one.

What I have been watching on the YouTubes
AKA Awesome/NotAwesome

Holy Craps that is awesome

I am not "English" nor do I live in "England". I also have never ever watched an episode of "American's Idols" or "You think that's Dancing?".
(You "English" types can skip this as it is happened like so long ago and is super old news)
If you haven't seen this or don't know who Connie Talbot is - I won't say much more.

Holy Craps you are not awesome

Speaking of "American's Idles", Kellie Pickler was on that show. I know this because her hometown is where a friend of our lives (and also served as Mrs. Robot's hometown). So, when Kellie was on America Idle, we would get updates from our nameless friend telling us about how the community was getting together to support Kellie. It was goofy but kind of cute. They had parties downtown with huge screens broadcasting the show. Everyone was "picking Pickler!"

This past weekend, one of our "Facebook" "pals" posted a video clip from the "So you think you can dance better than a fifth grader" TV show that is hosted by Jeff "you might be a comedian" Foxworthy.
Kellie was on it.
She was asked, "Budapest is the capital of what European country?" She replied, "This might be a stupid question, but I thought Europe was a country". She thought it might be France, and then was confused if France really was a country or not. When told the answer was Hungary, she did not believe the host.

some people have to be dumb so that we can be smart (kelly pickler) or nasty (as in Simon C) so that we can feel better about ourselves.
that is my wisdome of the day. Please throw a quarter in the jar on your way to the subway platform.
»pony ||  6/16/2008 ||  12:44:03 PM
I just re-posted the Pickler video. This one is in the popular language of "English"
»:r ||  6/16/2008 ||  4:59:10 PM
Nicely done iPhone update.

It would be even funnier if Pickler was Hungarian.
»jb ||  6/16/2008 ||  11:29:20 PM
Kellie won $50,000 for her charity that night. If you're like most people, you haven't given that much to charity in a lifetime. Lay off her, you classless piece of shit.
»fu ||  6/17/2008 ||  10:20:37 PM
Like school on Saturdays!
»dumb donald ||  6/17/2008 ||  10:53:31 PM
Yeah, rich!
Kellie is a hero, and as soon as you stop wasting your time "reading the paper" and "paying attention to the world around you", you will understand that you don't have to be smart to be smokin' hot!
»pony ||  6/18/2008 ||  9:59:52 AM
awww crap. My home state is mad at me. Again.
Charlotte and I have never gotten along.

»:r ||  6/19/2008 ||  10:25:16 AM
Just because stupid people can direct lots of money one way or another by accident does not excuse them FROM BEING FUCKING RETARDED.

In fact, it makes it worse.

"Charity" is an excuse so classless losers can justify something unjustifiable.


Where's Victoria? We need her back. At least her stupidity wasn't actually malicious.
»stu ||  6/23/2008 ||  12:12:10 AM

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