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Lick Me

Lick Me
The other day Mrs. Robot and I were walking around the neighborhood and noticed these two young ladies in front of us – one who had super short shorts on. After a while, they stopped and appeared to have forgotten something and then began walking towards us. That is when noticed that the young lady in the super short shorts was sporting a shirt with “Shut Up and Lick Me” emblazoned on it.

We both smirked.

Really? Lick you?
As it was a slow day, I began to think about this command. Is this offer open to everyone? I’d assume so. You can’t really discriminate when you are telling people to shut and lick you.

Is there a particular place that we, the public, are to lick her? Are there regions of her body divided up based on some sort of ranking?
“Sorry, with your credit score you can only lick my feet.”

The neighborhood we were in is one that is full of single family homes and not a ton of apartments. Does she live with her parents?
What does mom think of this shirt?
“Oh, Kayla. I can’t believe you are wearing that shirt out.”
Knowing some of the local tards, did mom buy this shirt for her?

How is that going where you are?
My normal weekday breakfast went up fifty cents! D’oh! Current events affecting me!

It is amazing that in 2008 people are still falling for these online scams. Amazing.
Today I received an email from a person who was contacting us at Global Cubicle World Intl because she had signed up to cash purchase orders on behalf of one of our companies.
The actual email that this person fell for was absolutely hilarious. Complete gibberish – yet this person fell for it and now is being investigated for fraud by her bank.

It’s 2008 people!

Someone here in International Cubicle World just sneezed, but I don’t think she really sneezed. I think she just exclaimed “chew!”

Cheese Curds

"local tards"

»n8 ||  6/26/2008 ||  11:28:48 AM
recession report: Hawaii
cheese got really expensive, also rice. On the bright side, it makes cereal look affordable.
»eve ||  6/26/2008 ||  6:13:32 PM
My favourite and common one from a couple of yrs ago was "juicy" written on everybody's velour-ed ass.
»pony ||  6/27/2008 ||  11:48:26 AM
I'll lick anyone, anywhere, anytime. For five dollars. Except for Matt Johnson, but not except for his immediate family.
»tim ||  6/29/2008 ||  9:34:10 PM

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