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Give it up for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

Mrs. Robot Walks
Next weekend, Mrs. Robot will embark on this crazy two day walk to raise awareness of breast cancer. Like any good walk-a-thon type of thing, she is raising money.
Hence, this is where you (the internet viewer) comes in!

What she says...
I wanted you to be the first to know that I have decided to take part in the 2008 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Deciding to be a part of this walk was just the first step in many I will be taking between now and the 26.2 mile walk in NYC on October 4 and 5th.

I am eager to get started with my fundraising and I need your support! I have pledged to raise money for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer as part of my participation in the walk. Your contribution will help to support medical research into the possible causes of and cure for breast cancer, education and early detection programs, and clinical care and support services for women with breast cancer in communities across the country. There is a special focus on helping medically underserved women, the poor, minorities, the elderly, or those with inadequate health insurance. And much of the money granted by the Foundation goes back to the communities where it was raised, supporting everything from local grassroots programs to national organizations.

Help a robot out!
There's a handy online form that you can access here:

There's also an offline version if you would rather contribute by check or barter or bag of gold coins - click the CONTACT button and I can get the info to you!
(note: "bag of gold coins" does not include those chocolate gold coins)

She's at 62% of her goal! I know that many robot'ers have contributed already (ya'lls is awesomes).
If you haven't, and have some spare dollars, help a robot out!


9.28.08: Update!
Awesome rock action! She's up to 90%!!

2009: Update!
The link has been updated for her 2009 attempt!

you should update your post ... she is already at 84% - GOOD JOB!
»k ||  9/27/2008 ||  1:50:29 PM
Now... 90%!!!

(updated :) thanks for reminding me to do that!)
»:r ||  9/28/2008 ||  1:11:00 PM

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