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My womanly craw

Hello Sexy Internet
I am finding it hard to update my "blog" during this election period. Not that there isn't a plethora of things to rail about, but it's more like I don't have the time to really research and write things that don't sound stupid.
Not that it hasn't stopped me before.

In a very small town, a police officer told a friend that if Obama wins, there is going to be a riot. If he loses, there is going to be a riot.

"Nothing much we can do about it."

This friendly police officer was referring to the local African American population of course.
In a town of 15,000 they make up 20%.
File this under: America > Small towns > *sigh*

Palin - two weeks late
See, this is all I am going to say. If I was a woman, I'd be pissed off by this whole Palin decision. It was common knowledge that McCain's short list was Romney and Lieberman, so it's not a stretch to figure out that this was a purely pandering move.
Although, it was brilliant as they owned the news for a week or two afterwards.

But what would get in my womanly craw even more was that Palin was picked (probably) more for the fact that she was a woman than for any qualification (apart from the religious conservative thing). If we have a woman VP or president, it should be because she has awesome policies and leadership skills.
It should have nothing to do with the fact that she is a woman.
File this under: America > Pandering > *sigh*

As our neighbors are from Yemen, that gives me some international experience. I can also see them from my window.

That said
I can't wait for the debate.
Crazy Biden vs. Crazy Palin should be an awesome good time.

Email = Old People
Apparently, email is for old people. Or so the kids say.

Robot Marriage
Did you know that Alec (Upgrown and Overblown) and Sarah (The Dolor) are married? We went to their wedding. It was full of the love.

A very special episode of happyrobot
For those that don't hang out on the chat bot all day, our fellow robot-er Stu is in the hospital with some sort of crazy infection.
He's been in ICU for almost a week now.
So, keep him in your robot thoughts (even you trolls (and you internet trolls)).
File this under: happyrobot > Stu > very ill

iPhone Users
There are three applications I recently added to my iPhone that I can't shut up about.

Instapaper: It works kind of like Delicious, in that there is a bookmarklet. But instead of just bookmarking it, InstaPaper saves the whole page. Then you can sync it to your phone! Then you can read that link/article on your phone, even if you are offline.
It's totally handy when you are reading something long and want to save it for later.

AirShare: Turns your iphone into a sweet ass document reader. At first it seemed a tad confusing, but it's quite simple. It basically allows you to move files right on to the iPhone.
I use this for school stuff and have copied all my notes into the folder on my computer and this then allows me to read any of these documents offline on my iPhone.
Totally. Awesome.

Simplify Media: This is just stupid awesome. The gist is that it allows you to stream music from your home computer onto your iPhone.
It's a fairly easy set-up: you install the program on your phone as well a small application on your home computer.
Click a few buttons and suddenly you can connect to your entire music library from your phone.
From wi-fi. Or Edge. Or 3G.
You can also share your collection with up to 30 people.

Did I mention they give you cover art?
It's stupid (and "stupid" is what I say instead of "sick").

If you have an iphone and install the Simplify Media thing, let me know and we can share our libraries.
Like friends do.

Riot? Not me brother. Win or lose, I am going to have sex. 'Nuff said.
»blaine ||  10/1/2008 ||  1:09:23 PM

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