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Stu! Under the knife!

A very special Robot Journal
Our pal Stu, of Post-Modern Drunkard, is having open heart surgery this morning at 7:30am or so.
If you are awake and/or sober at that time, please raise glasses and/or send positive feelings and/or prayers and/or strippers his way.
I don't know much about open heart surgery. A high school friend of mine's father had open heart surgery. While they had his heart chest open, they photographed his heart for him and that photo hangs in their living room.
I mentioned that to Stu, but I am not sure he was initially very keen with the idea.

More information
So, I was going to dig up some links about open heart surgery, but I am really squeamish. Not necessarily about open heart surgery, but more about... well, everything. Everything that involves your body being poked and prodded in unnatural ways.
But here is one link.
They have a graphic video of the procedure. I didn't watch it.

Note to Stu
You should write "Cut Here" on your chest with a sharpie. Just to be a smart ass.
Or attach a plastic lamprey eel to your chest.
Or wear a Halloween mask of some sort.

Hold tight monkey.

Hold tight indeed. I work at a very influential church (Jesus vacations here sometimes), so i will call in some favors today.
»blaine ||  10/20/2008 ||  8:43:51 AM
Don't always agree with Stu, but Cris' sake, open heart surgery???? Be strong.
»sop ||  10/20/2008 ||  8:44:28 AM
Good thoughts Stu's way. Right now I'm thinking of the amazing fragrance of bacon. Give 'em hell, Stu.
»jb ||  10/20/2008 ||  11:36:42 AM
Just got an email update...

Stu is out of surgery. No valve had to be replaced. The infection was removed.
"All went well"

»:r ||  10/20/2008 ||  12:20:12 PM

but wait– does this mean Stu is NOT part swine, now??? bummer
»-b. ||  10/20/2008 ||  1:02:02 PM
I was ready to welcome our new PigStu overlord, but hooray anyway!
»3pk ||  10/20/2008 ||  2:06:33 PM
jesus stu. who will he be now after such a thing. Egads! I go away for two thousand years and Stu is getting frikkin open heart surgery. Well. Very glad he's OK. Now, he can have ice cream. I suppose I'll read his column now to see what is wrong with him. I had assumed the flu or some scourge. I "love" to hate stu.
»kristen martin ||  10/20/2008 ||  2:13:10 PM
I'm pretty sure Stu will be the exact same Stu we all know and love.
»chris ||  10/20/2008 ||  2:27:29 PM
Glad to hear all is well with Stu and that he still has all his own valves. Sending him positive west coast vibes.

Miss Kristen! How are you keepin these days!
»j ||  10/20/2008 ||  2:29:49 PM
Hooray Stu! Best news I've heard all day.
»eve ||  10/20/2008 ||  3:54:01 PM
big sigh.
»pony ||  10/20/2008 ||  4:42:47 PM
Positive vibes and good karma and Jamba juice, Stu!
»dorf ||  10/20/2008 ||  8:50:06 PM
Congrats Stu on pulling through your totally clips of the heart!

Wishing you a speedy recovery while I go fan the fumes of that horrible pun!

Go Stu!
»thewillhelm ||  10/20/2008 ||  9:09:30 PM
glad to hear the good news, but i mourn ManBearPigStu already.
»n8 ||  10/20/2008 ||  9:17:39 PM
what a relief! speedy recovery stu!
»elananano ||  10/21/2008 ||  9:15:06 AM
Just because Ive gone through hellishly painful surgery doesn't mean I've gained the capcity to love my enemies.
»stu ||  10/21/2008 ||  11:24:40 AM
and... he's back!
»:r ||  10/21/2008 ||  11:37:53 AM
I get the news that he's having surgery and that he's out of it safely all at once...I'm not sure MY heart is up for that kind of shock this early, but I sure am glad everything's ok. Lots of hippy-trippy good vibes from out in sunny California!
»vertiginous kim ||  10/21/2008 ||  1:12:41 PM

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