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Dogs in costumes

Dogs in costumes
Really? Is there anything more entertaining?
I think dogs in costumes totally beat out almost any other animal in costumes.

Monkeys in costumes? Sure. They are fun, but also kind of sad.

Squirrels? Good, but the costumes have to be so small.

Goats? Slightly funny, but their eyes are always freaking me out. And they like to ram me with their horns.

Elephants? Yea, they are ‘funny’ looking, but I don’t ever think they are having ‘fun’.

Dolphins? Dressing dolphins in costumes has never really caught on. Yet.

Cats? Their hatred of costumes kind of overwhelms the actual costume.

Bears? Bears with tiny hats on are pretty funny, but also kind of sad. The costume possibilities for bears seems to begin and end with little tiny hats.

Snakes? Their lack of limbs and general “OMIGOD IT’S A SNAKE!!!!” quality make it a bit difficult.

Parrots? They seem to not mind costumes, but aren’t really funny when dressed up.

Fort Greene Pupkins!
1:01pmSunday morning was lovely. After Saturday’s mini-hurricane/tornado weather, Sunday was warm and sunny – a perfect fall day. We had breakfast and then went to Fort Greene to watch dogs parade around in costumes.

The winning dog was a “Joe the plumber” homage. Apparently the water fountain the dog run in Fort Greene is broken, so this dog had a little plumber outfit and had a working water fountain on his back.
Shooting water up in to the air.
There was also a helicopter dog. And a big caterpillar. And an actual pig.

If I had a dog
I think I would have dressed him as a different type of dog.

More Goggies in Costumes
Gothamist covered it all very well (my camera's battery died).
Also on Gothamist they had some photos of the dog costumes at Tompkins Square Park.

12:04amOh, Saturday night we saw Portastatic and the Rosebuds (and others). Thanks to John Ball! I like the Rosebuds. I also drank a bit of beer.

Look out! Obama is behind you!
Funny. Brooklyn Industries has put Obama masks on all of their mannequins.


I agree:

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