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See you in hell, 2008!

As you may have heard, I am fascinated with the whole concept of 'consumer confidence'. I had never really paid attention to that term in the past, but now I find myself thinking about it whenever I am spending money.
So, first, I am a dumb guy. Second, I don't pay that much attention to the economy or my money (except when I either have too little or too much).

It's nutso to think about how little things can/could reverberate up the chain and contribute to the general malaise of the economy. If I don't buy that pair of shoes (I need new shoes) maybe the shoe clerk misses their monthly goal and is fired. And now the shoe clerk doesn't have any money to buy groceries and the grocery store guy begins to have low sales and starts to cut back on buying from a supplier... and on and on and on.

End of Year
You know, apart from the Obama presidential win and some nice looking babies being born, you can can pretty much keep 2008. It was a pretty lackluster, slightly cruddy year. Not crappy. Cruddy.
A bunch of stupid junk.
Will 2009 be better? Apart from some new people in the White House (which has such a large effect on my day to day life) I can't imagine things will be hunky and/or dory. Especially the first half of 2009 which I predict will somewhat suck. You read it here first (um, or very last).

Can't Write
2008 also marked a year long case of blogging-block. I can't seem to write. Not just for happyrobot, but for about anything. I am also having a hard time reading. Concentrating. Talking. Listening.
It's like some teen walked by me and passed me his raging case of ADD.

End of Year: Music
My little brother sent me his end of year "favorite songs of 2008". He listens to music more than I do and always asks me if I have heard so-and-so's new band (remember, he played with that other guy in the band that does that thing?) and sometimes makes me feel old - even though he is all of two years younger and owns a home and has two children and all that.
With furrier ado...

My little brother's Top 20 Singles of 2008

1) The Dodos: Ashley
2) Deerhunter: Never Stops
3) Deerhoof: Fresh Born
4) The New Year: X Off Days
5) The Hold Steady: Slapped Actress
6) Fleet Foxes: White Winter Hymnal
7) Wolf Parade: Fine Young Cannibals
8) Stephen Malkmus: Out of Reaches
9) The Walkmen: Four Provinces
10) Women: Black Rice
11) Deerhunter: Nothing Ever Happens
12) The Hold Steady: Constructive Summer
13) Crooked Fingers: Cannibals
14) Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago
15) The Whigs: Right hand on My Heart
16) Tapes 'n Tapes: Hang Them All
17) The War on Drugs: Taking the Farm
18) The Helio Sequence: Keep Your Eyes Ahead
19) Blitzen Trapper: Furr
20) Chad Vangaalen: Barefeet on Wet Griptape

Talk to you in 2009!

I concur on the status of 2008. Entirely for personal reasons, I'd say, the second half of 2008 was the worst year I've ever had. And it started so promisingly.
»stu ||  12/28/2008 ||  12:59:42 AM
2008 is so 2008.
»chris ||  12/28/2008 ||  1:53:16 PM
dorf had a good looking baby this year
»3pk ||  12/29/2008 ||  12:29:16 PM
»3pk ||  12/29/2008 ||  12:29:32 PM

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