We just got back from a fine holiday.
The Christmas part was good. Here are some photos...

First, Mrs. Robot and I exchanged gifts pre-Christmas as we tend to do. The highlights were a new iPod for me and a donkey calendar for her.

Our friend Mark sent us this awesome framed print of that Star Wars band thing. You know. That thing.

Then we flew down to the "dirty south" (as they say) to spend Christmas Eve with family. My niece was super precious.

On Christmas eve, Mrs. Robot and I found some wigs.

Christmas Day we drove up to visit more family. Along the way we stopped at a truck stop. I had eggs, biscuits, and sausage gravy.

We had dinner at my uncle's house on Christmas night. They had some leftover barbeque and we put some delcious Castle Sauce on it (a local favorite).
There were also deviled eggs.

At Mrs. Robot's family homestead we played with her mom's new brown puppy, Rosie. She is a good dog, but her ball chasing skills needed some work. I tried to run her as much as possible. She prefers to sniff things than chase balls.

Mrs. Robot's mom bought the grandkids a Wii. The grandkids are maybe a bit too young for it as I thought they were getting easily frustrated. So, us grown-ups got a lot of time on the Wii.

While visiting Mrs. Robot's family, she and I had lunch one day at Biscuit King - the king of biscuits (if I am to believe the name).

Mrs. Robot and I took great pleasure in reading the World Book Encyclopedia's that her mom still has (1980 edition). The entry on computers was oddly spot-on. You'd be able to buy things via the "network" from stores. There would be issues of security and privacy. They'd be all linked togther. Dang World Book! Gimmie some lottery numbers!

Also, her mom had a commenorative Knoxville World's Fair teacup.

Then we left for holiday part II...

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see you in hell, 2008! hola culebra!

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