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Rest in Peace little RobotPod

November 29th, 2002, I went to the SoHo Apple store and purchased my first iPod. They were having some sort of sale and I had just officially been offered a permanent position at Cubicle World USA, so I was feeling a bit celebratory and/or spendy (after being laid off from Dot Com World USA earlier that year).

I bought a 10GB iPod for $358.00.

Afterwards, Mrs. Robot and I walked over to that Indian place Banjara for dinner. While we were waiting for our food, I unpacked the amazingly handsome box and fiddled with the new iPod. It was gorgeous.
I think I called people as well to tell them that I finally bought one. We drank beer.

Little RobotPod was loyal and reliable. I never had battery issues or crashes. I encased it in hard, clear plastic shell to keep it safe and got rid of the crap-ass white Apple ear buds for much better Sony in-your-ear things. It went to a lot places and was plugged into countless rental cars. RobotPod dealt with my sometimes annoying taste in music and helped to block out the sound of crying babies while on airplanes.
Yup. It worked great.

I heart-ed it.

In 2007, my little iPod achieved it’s fifteen seconds of fame by starring in the photograph "I got an iPhone!".

November 20, 2008
Almost exactly six years later, my dear iPod started clicking - i.e. the click of death. It was sitting on my desk and suddenly started vibrating/clicking very loudly and threw the “something is broken icon".
Yesterday, I plugged it into my computer (via firewire (awww)) to see if I could save it and got the sad iPod icon.
That is one sad looking icon.

I think it has passed away.

Rest in peace little iPod. We sure had some rockin' times together.

Santa has been alerted that I may need another iPod.
Or Zune.


My second generation iPod died recently, too. I got a new one which has 4 times the space, plus video, photos, etc. for half the price of the old one. I love it SO MUCH. Not that I didn't love the old one, but the new one is practically a different thing altogether.
»dorf ||  11/24/2008 ||  1:17:08 PM
»cromulent ||  11/24/2008 ||  1:39:34 PM
You should have a ceremony with your iPhone looking on solemnly.
»jb ||  11/24/2008 ||  7:46:34 PM
I'm just amazed you got by on 10gbs of space for so long. Now you can make the jump to 120GBs.
»stu ||  12/1/2008 ||  10:27:35 AM
Dude - again we're practically twins - I just got the iPhone too... Zen+ doing double duty on the tunes front - but getting phased out.

»van ||  url || 12/2/2008 ||  5:01:53 PM
Recycle Program Option - Turn it in the day you buy a new one for a 10% discount. We'll take it from there... make funeral arrangements, etc, so that you may grieve in peace.
»apple store salesman ||  12/3/2008 ||  2:32:04 AM

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