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Then there was lard bread

Then there was lard bread
Oh, lard bread. Where have you been hiding? I think in the back of my brain I was vaguely aware that there was something called lard bread. Someone just needed to walk me to the bakery and get me a loaf.
12:08pmOur friend Jacob has been in Brooklyn visiting family and had brunch with us on Sunday. We went to Quercy, a restaurant that we go to often, but had never done brunch there. It was very good, although their menu was slim on brunchy items. After breakfast, Jacob is all like, “I need a loaf of lard bread”.

Lard bread? If it wasn’t called “lard bread” I suspect it would be more popular. How about delicious pork bread? Or fat bread?

1:03pmWe strolled (yes, strolled) up to Caputo’s Bakery on Court Street. While waiting at the counter, we could see into the back of the bakery where all the bread ovens were. As Jacob was telling us about working in a bakery in France (he’s a chef type) the owner walked up and asked if we wanted to come back and get a tour of the bakery. Neat. He and Jacob talked about various bakery gadgets and they showed us the cool machine that shoots the dough into the oven and then pulls the baked bread out when it’s done.
It was a grand little tour.

Oh, and then we bought lard bread. According to a co-worker, there are two types of lard bread. One is just a standard bread that is made with rendered pork fat. The other is similar, but includes pieces of discarded pork bits (salami, etc) within the bread. We had the later. I like bread. I like salami. I like salami sandwiches. I like lard bread.
It’s delicious; although with the amount of fat in it, I’ll probably watch my intake.

Peter Lugers Finally
9:07pmWe had never been to Peter Luger. Friday night we went with out pal Jacob.
It’s exactly what I imagined. Slightly too bright lighting. Old school-esque waiters. Crap-ass wine list. Delicious meat.

We started with the bacon appetizer. It’s just bacon. Cut very thick.
Then we had the tomato and onion salad. Guess what is in that? Basically a huge tomato cut into slices next to a huge onion cut into slices.
Then the three of us split the porterhouse steak for two – even though the waiter said it wouldn’t be enough. It was plenty. This was the star of the show. Peter Luger’s thing is that they age the steaks a crazy amount of time and then almost blacken the outsides while soaking it all in gallon of butter. Dee. Lish. Us.
I don’t know if I have ever had a proper porterhouse steak, so I can’t really compare it to much else. That said, if you have never been: go.

Did I mention Pupusas?
9:59pmSaturday we saw AC Newman and the Oranges Band at the Bell House – Brooklyn’s latest music venue. It is a decent space. The bar area is roomy and handsome with a good selection of things to drink. The actual music space I thought was a bit to shallow… in that there was a lot of space on the side, but not that much space between the stage and the back wall. The music was all good and well and rock and roll and very short dresses and God bless them and beer. Did I mention that some of the Red Hook soccer field folks are selling food outside of the Bell House? Well. They are.
As we left the show, we picked up some pupusas. They had a little tent set up out front. It was midnight. It was raining. We had pupusas with pickled cabbage and jalapenos.

(see photos at Brooklyn Vegan (I think I am in one of them (but my head is tiny)))

ew. lard bread. ew.
»pony ||  11/17/2008 ||  3:09:43 PM
It's fat! Fat is yummy!
»:r ||  11/17/2008 ||  3:37:05 PM
You just gave me the best birthday present idea, evah!
»liz ||  url || 11/17/2008 ||  11:32:58 PM
lard bread. steak. steak on lard bread. yummmmmm.
»lisa ||  11/19/2008 ||  7:31:03 PM
Loved your post on Lard Bread. Caputo's is one of the places that lives within our greatest memories. You can see my take on it at my Hub on Old Fashioned Recipes from the Kitchen of Life On The Stoop.

»robbie bracco ||  url || 2/4/2012 ||  10:58:10 AM
Also brought back fond memories of Peter Luger's where we used to have them Picked up when buyer's from all the top Department Stores Came to check out the Latest Creations each season at Boykoff Suits on White St in Williamsburg where I worked and modeled the New Line of suits for the buyers. In Those days the sandwich was $3. and we always had the tomato and onion salad with great Rye Bread.
»robbie bracco ||  url || 2/4/2012 ||  11:00:50 AM

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