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Robot Election 2008 Meme Wrap-up

November 2008
Last year we did a group topic here at happyrobot (a 'meme' as the kids say) about who would be president in 2009.
This was the email I had sent out...

Group topic: Who will be our next president?
I am approaching the topic as "Who I feel will president". Not, who I want to be. Or who should be. But who, when I think of 2009, will be the person in the white house.
How you want to approach this is up to you though.

So. It's done. It's November 2008.
Below is how we fared...

Nutshell Kingdom
I feel safe in saying that the Democrat will win pretty handily

Blaine picked the right party, but he seemed to be putting his fruit in the Hillary basket (as they say).

I have a bet right now with two people I work with for $20 each that the Dems will fuck up this election somehow and the Republican party will win again. I will put no degree of incompetence past them.

The person who I want to be President, and the only person I will vote for is Barack Obama.
Tim is out $40. Yay!

I am sad that the idea of America feels over. But in the old American spirit, I will venture that anything is possible. Maybe whoever is re-elected can help us fathom a new, hope-filled, compassionate, rock-star America that can reinvent itself to the world. It's possible, isn't it? This sort of thing happens all the time in the movies.
I want to hug Pony now.
That is just great.

Honky Cracker
Whoever gets the Republican nomination wins, hands down. Because, let's face it, the American public by and large is not going to vote for a woman or a black man. And I think it's foolhardy and arrogant of the Democratic party to think differently. There. I said it.
I am so glad that HC was wrong.

Film & Television Rights
In 2008, who the hell knows? Edwards is different now, and he won't be the son of a mill worker running against the son of a President, grandson of a Wall Street executive turned senator, and great grandson of a railroad tycoon, a swaggering prep-school and Ivy League alum who somehow convinced people he was just like them, and when they looked at him, watched him speak, shook his hand, saw their better selves. God help us. At least in 2008 it won't be that guy again.
John Ball was rooting for John Edwards. But I will agree with him on that last sentence. Lovely.

Robot Journal
My brain tells me Rudy v. Hillary.
Then my brain tells me it's Hillary.

That guy is a friggin idiot.

The Wrong Squid
if He's gonna tell the president what to do, he might as well be running the show.
Erik had posted a photo of a "Jesus for President" t-shirt (that is now broken).

Collin posted a photo of Paris Hilton and K-Fed.

Dog Years
I am for the tribe! Disband this grand facade! Unite under rural government in groups of six to eight!
If that don't work for you, I think Rudy Giuliani is going to win.

Oh Rudy. He got too close to the sun.

Sunshine Jen
Anyway, I have four potential outcomes for the 2008 presidential election. Now these potential outcomes are just out of my mind and should not be construed as the definite future.
One outcome was Ron Paul winning.

The way I see it
president barack hussein obama
And Eric wins!

Please congratulate him!

I very grudgingly put my fruit in that particular basket. Ick.

And I did not vote for her.
»blaine ||  11/6/2008 ||  3:12:37 PM
Never in my wildest, cynical dreams last year did I imagine this outcome. This gives me goosebumps. Hugs right back atcha.
»pony ||  11/6/2008 ||  4:23:07 PM

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